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01 June 2009


Kevin Perez

Now this is something that deserves some 50+ comments! Great to see people like her challenge the notion of the homophobia in the Black community.


I have been out of the closet far more years than many of you are old and I do not support this marriage b/s.

I wish that issue and this woman who betrayed the community (in my opinion) by throwing her support for Clinton in our faces would simply go away.

I wonder how much did they (the Human Rights campaign) pay her to surface for no other reason than to lobby for this issue.


I'm with Kevin. Can we talk about marriage, gay rights and homophobia in our community?

I don't want to rehash then primaries, which ended almost a year ago, so please get with it. And Maya Angelou didn't betray anyone, she supported who she thought was best. How dare you trivialize her 50 year career fighting for civil rights. So what, you disagreed with her candidate, grow up.

Everyone please ignore Gurlene's comment.


@ Gurlene:

I'm going to disagree with you, as I often do, because many of your comments are shoot from the hip and ghetto. I'm surprised you didn't manage to make the obligatory Tiger Tyson/porn reference.

Don't start that Clinton vs Obama bullshyt on this blog. Obama won the primary and (thankfully) won the electiom. That was a primary fight and it is over. I am so sick of black folks such as yourself who want to demonize any black person who supported Clinton. Really. Don't. Go. There.

Back to marriage....If you don't want to get married, don't. You really don't sound like someone who has many offers.

Maya Angelou marched with Dr. King, knew Malcolm X and broke bread with the Black Panthers. She is a civil rights icon. If the old skool civil rights players like Maya and Julian Bond are supporting marriage and gay rights, then hopefully that will rub off on some of these homophobic black politicians and preachers.

Chitown Kev


HRC probably gave her nothing nada, Gurlene, Maya Angelou has been around out gay people nearly all of her life going back to her mother's boarding house in San Francisco.

The one thing that I would fault her for, though, is her NY Times column in support for Clarence Thomas appointment to the Supreme Court.

And gurlene just because you don't personally support marriage (and many gays, black and white, don't on a personal level) doesn't mean that you have to hate on those for who it is important.

Chitown Kev

What I mean is that while many gays and lesbians probably wouldn't like to get married themselves, they do support having the right to marry.

D. Askew

Maya Angelou wrote about befriending black gay men, lesbians and transgender sistahs and brothas back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Marriage isn't my core "issue" either...but I can appreciate those who are fighting for it. And I have to agree with Carlos...Dr. Angelou marched with MLK and Coretta. If she can convince "one" black senator to switch their vote, she has done a tremendous service to this community.

Earl FF

"If they gave me a million dollars, tax free, I just wouldn’t vote for it."

Sounds like she is asking for a bribe to me, the hateful beyotch.

Chitown Kev

D. Askew

Didn't she also write about being a madam to a lesbian couple? I think it was in the follow up book to "Caged Bird"

Derrick from Philly

It can only help--not just with the marriage issue, but just the knowledge that prominent blacks are not anti-gay haters.


Maya Angelou's support for Senator Clinton may have had as much to do with personal friendship (Arkansas connection) as well as any political views...and that's all right.

Former COGIC

@ Chitown Kev:

You're absolutely right. The couple was iirc Beatrice and Johnnie Mae and this was in "Gather Together in My Name." There was another book where she wrote about befriending a young black gay man and a trans sistah, too.

I'm going to bite my tongue on the Clinton derangement. But it is very interesting how some people discard Maya Angelou's half century of working for civil rights. She's done a helluva lot more than me for the cause.

Let me just say that one of my aunts is also old school, 65 years old, very church going black woman and "tolerates" the gays. But when she heard this over the weekend, about Dr, Angelou, and went on the internet and looked up Coretta and Julian's support of gay rights she called me this morning to let me know her mind was changed! "If Coretta and Maya say gay is okay with them, it should be okaay with me!"

Thank you Aunty Nett and thank you Maya Aneglou!


It's good to hear that Ms Angelou is adding her voice to this cause. I've always been a big fan of hers.

I'm sure that still sexy Julian Bond will be marching for the cause soon if he hasn't already. I've always had it bad for Julian Bond...LOL


@Carlos. What you first paragraph indicates is that I have developed a fan base here. Though I can't quite figure out what Tiger and company have to do with gay marriage.

Thank you and don't worry honey, I shall stay around. God only knows where your life will go were it not for me. It clearly hasn't been very far from your keypad.


Shirley Huntley, a Queens Democrat...added, "If they gave me a million dollars, tax free, I just wouldn’t vote for it."

For many in the U.S., there is no one thing more important in all the Lord's kingdom than to be able to feel superior and more powerful than someone else.

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