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20 June 2009


Baltimore Femme

and who says black LGBTs are not interested in gay rights? this is a new revolution going on that we are witnessing and thank you! jason bartlett and NBJC for standing up!

i will take out a membership as soon as i have some coins next week, trust and believe!


Repeat after me: No more money to the DNC, Obama or any politicians who do not begin to make progress on OUR rights. They do not a have a RIGHT to our checkbooks and donations. We have a RIGHT not to be fired, to get a job, our to try to get benefts for our loved ones or children and our LGBT families.


Rod, the DOMA brief didn't bother me that much I dont see what is all the fuss? Why has this become such a big deal? Not everyone esp black gays want marriage mostly white gays do. The attorneys were only doing their job. My opinion its "inflammatory" and "incendiary" to keep describing the brief that way.

Awww, poor baby. You don't like "inflammatory"? If I take it away will that make everyone feel better about the DOJ motion? Would you then be able to collect your partner's Social Security when he dies? Or get your BF on your health plan at work? I don't think so, but nice try. SMH -RM

Danny Rivera

"The DOMA brief didn't bother me that much I dont see what is all the fuss? Why has this become such a big deal? Not everyone esp black gays want marriage mostly white gays do."

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Or better yet, tell that to the black lesbian (married) couple just murdered in Baltimore. Or tell that to the black lesbian couple Rod posted that is trying to get simple health benefits from the government.

But as long as you're not bothered the Obama White House compares our relationships to incest and says if we want rights to just marry a woman ...okay.



surely you're a volunteer, because the white house or obama campaign would give paid "supporters" more intelligent talking points. but yeah, nice argument, forget about those 10,000 words, concentrate on one or two others. lol


King Drive

Black gays shouldn't be shortchanged and too many of believe we should. We are lowest in the totem pole in our own black community ... thugs, rapists and gangbangers get more respect than us. We are lowest on the totem pole in our gay community. We have to demand respect.

The NBJC is taking a stand. Good for them. For too long they have been a day late and more than a dollar short.

Yeah and I'm sorry but I am so tired of black gay men saying what we want or don't want. What the hell do you want then Katt? Maybe you're too young or too old or too bitter to have someone in your life. You need to think about others. Did you read the story about the black lesbian couple stabbbed in their heads? That was posted on this blog today. They didnt feel safe in their neighborhood and state and wanted to go somewhere they could be themselves. Shame on you man.


Props to NBJC
This time is so exciting and I am happy to be a part of it and watch history happen

And am I the only one who thinsk Mr Jason Bartlett is a hot daddy?


What King Drive said.



We have awaken from the Obama Trance, and yes, I love him as a pivotal being in history and for this country; but THIS STUFF IS RIDICULOUS!

I am sick of being offered less than crumbs from this administration and some extraordinarily piss-poor rationale to boot!



We've got to let the Democratic Party know that GAYS AREN'T PUNKS! We are not going to sit still and listen while we are pat on the head like that pooch he has running around the White House!




(just preparing my march chant!)

Chitown Kev


Good Lord, the race card again. Is that the best you can do. Or rather, is that all you have? SMH

Antyway, I am a little surprised that NBJC took this stand. After all, if someone cannot accept all of me (black and gay) then than its' their loss, not mine.


Thank you as always Rev Kev!
Your words are so inspiring and powerful to this 21 year old black gay boy from Chicago South Side and new 'in the life'.

The first time I ever voted president was for Barack Obama. I am proud of my vote and proud to support him but I do not support him throwing us under the bus to be re electd! You can still 'support' your president but disagree with him! I support Obama but don't agree with what he did to black HBCUs. I am in college and we need to do more to help black colleges not less! And he has to make some moves on gay rights, my vote counts just as much as a straight vote! Or next time I may still vote for him but I can keep that $50 and give to AIDS charity.

You inspire me Rev Kev and Rod!


This is very good news. The NBJC needs to increase its visibility and profile just like we black LGBTs need to increase our visibility and profile. We admire and support you Mr President but we have been taken for granted too long! We expect more from you and know you know how to lead and inspire others to do the right thing!


Generalizations like the one katt made also enforce the notion the Black folk don't care for gay rights, are the most homophobic and any other negative stereotype you can think.

And yes, it's appaling that criminals get more respect than same sex loving people like us. What's our crime? Loving someone of the same sex, which to some idiots, equates to incest, murder, drugs, adultery, child molestation, gangbanging, thieves, thugs, you name it!



thank you! you are 100% correct!
in the black community the thugs and babies daddys get much more respect than we do. i went to school pay taxes, never in jail, am a good neighbor but folks want to look at me sideways. why? because they know i am a gay. so f___ing what, i am a man and not the one who broke into their apartment! but those hoodlums are considereed normal!!! bs

West Side Poz

Katt, you refer to Rod's efforts to do something about our situation as b!tching or 'inflammatory.' Rod, Pam, Towle, Aravosis, many others have actually a made a difference with their work. It should be very obvious we were thrown some crumbs b/c of this controversy. If you have done something to hell the gay community, black LGBTs, Afrocan LGBTs, the girls in Tehran...thanks. But if you haven't and to attack someone for trying to change something they can because it is not your top priority is not the behavior of a healthy person. Srsly.


No excuses, No GayTM.


Hmmmm, interesting considering there was much silence from NBJC over the past few months until now (they were silent most of 2008 as well during the primaries and election). Oh well...

I will continue to press for the passage of the hate crimes and ENDA bills in Congress.


but what' about the black gays who are STILL going?

Keith Boykin is still going, right?

I think a better question would be why is he and others who are invited GO given the complete utter TRAVESTY spurned by the DOJ's pathetically inspid brief?

Carter G

@ Kayman: "Hmmmm, interesting considering there was much silence from NBJC over the past few months until now"

We get it Kayman. You want to keep apologizing for the DOMA brief that has ignited the entire country and forced the White House to throw a few crumbs our way. And they admit they're crumbs thrown to keep us quiet.

Now, I asked you several times in the other threads did you agree with the homophobic language and descriptions and you said nothing. I will ask you again: Do you still believe the DOJ attorneys "were doing their job" by comparing our relationships to incest? Because now even White House staffers admit DOJ went too far. As we all said weeks ago.

And perhaps you haven't heard, the do nothing hate crimes bill that almost everyone supports has been postponed again. "Oh well ..."


Carter G, I'm ignoring you intentionally because your irrational argument, and if you think I'm "apologist" for the DOJ's DOMA briefing then you are a bigger fool than I thought, LOL. There's not a post where I was defending anything other than rationality over emotional.

I can consider it what it is with the brief that the DOJ put out about the current law. I get what they are saying and they could have used better analogies to justify the law, but what is done is done.

I'm more concerned about something that affects everybody that like ENDA and the hate crimes bill that seems to ignored the most by everybody except for Rod. BTW, the hate crimes bill was postponed because of Ala. Senate Sessions calling for hearing for the testimony from AG Holder, so blame Sessions not the White House.

Sorry, I don't get all emotional over things like the DOJ briefing. Oh well, that's politics for you.

Have a good day, sir.

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