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29 June 2009



gawd his smile is so sexy


I know that Simon was lovin' this day. Who wouldn't love having Ben Gordon around? It's great when the jocks show a completely different side.


I love it! I love it! I love it!

He should have his own TV show!


Love to see men, regardless of sexual orientation, share mutual respect for one another.

Miss Simon was glowing. I'm not mad. Ben is dead hot. His ease around Simon added to his appeal.


He and Dhani Jones should have a show together.
Call it, "Baller Fashion, Top to Bottom."


i second what Antoine said.

i need to see some more revealing pics of my man Ben....maybe Rod can stalk him when the Bulls are back in town..lol


>>>He and Dhani Jones should have a show together. Call it, "Baller Fashion, Top to Bottom."

Okay! That's what I am tallking about!

Love this story, love a sexy masculine man secure with his sexuality and fashion.


That's good fun.

When you live amongst the greedheads and the Christians and the psycho-killers, it's nice to be reminded once in a while that not EVERYTHING in the world is dreadful.


Good post Rod. Thank you.

I would be remiss however if I did not respond to Jim’s comment lumping Christians with “greedheads” and psycho-killers. I believe that statements like this are uncalled for.

In spite of the travesties that men (and woman) have committed in the name of God and the Christian religion, the faith brings great joy to the billions around the world who believe in its true message of love, grace, redemption, and yes TOLERANCE.

So while it is not my intent to start a controversy, it IS my intent to state my intense fury as a result of Jim’s statement and its acceptance, unchallenged, on this great blog. I can’t imagine such a statement being unmoderated if it was made with respect to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other major religion.

The way that Christianity is practiced is definitely not without fault, but Christianity is my religion and I defend it here and now, in this instance, without apology.



I am going to stand up with you PROUDLY in this instance. Jim, I am hopeful and hope-filled that that wasn't your intention, but I wouldn't dare speak for you. I will, like R.O., defend my religion as one of love, tolerance, hope and help. Just because some people don't do it well doesn't discredit the religion, just as some people not doing Black well (HELLO B.E.T.) doesn't discredit my race and some people not doing Gay well (HELLO PEREZ HILTON) doesn't discredit my orientation.

Having said that, I love that we are FINALLY arriving at a society where we have asked, begged and told me to evolve and they have and can do so without (too much) prejudice or snickering. This brother has simply VERBALIZE (in a very articulate way) what MOST of hip-hop glorifies in its music of late. He has learned details and points about fashion, so he isn't just buying designer labels (HELLO GAYS), he's aware of cut and form, fabric and fit (HELLO GAYS!). I am proud to see this and I am sure that in his interaction with fashion, he's happened upon many a queen who wondered why he was there and what the T was, but when they talked to him they realized that he had a real passion for fashion and they learned to respect him. He, in turn, in journeying into a world that we (HI GAYS) rule had to learn acceptance and openness, which is something hopefully he learned from wonderful home training.

I would love (SERIOUSLY) to see him interview Andre Leon Talley. He would be his favorite gay uncle and have Ben Gordon be sharps as a nail, since he passed tack a long time ago!

BRAVO BEN GORDON. Talk about career transition! DO YOUR THING!



Who BETTER to be champions in the world of fashion than Black men! I mean we are the original peacocks!!!

Think about your old neighborhood, a church or some Black gathering. The men try to outdo the women sometimes!

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