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17 June 2009



Well, it is a step in the right direction, and I believe more should be done to legalize sex-same unions. However, whatever it's called is always the debate, so I say it should be called "civil unions" legally, but whatever by layman's terms.

I'm looking forward to the passage of the Federal Hate Crimes law including sexual orientation and gender identity in the coming weeks. That's one thing that has been started years ago, and should be finished first in Congress.


so these sick days and relocation bennies were already available and given at a supervisor's discretion? obama's signature just makes it a "mandate"??

big. whoop. big. freakin' whoop.

Danny Rivera

Everywhere you read or watch tvm the headlines say Obama is extending 'benefits' to same sex partners of federal workers.

Very few will read or look at the fine print. Nothing new has been offered, there is no health or retirement, just a few sick days or reloc fees, but of course the meme is that The One has granted us something.

Fierce advocate my azz.

Former COGIC


You've done an outstanding job on this benefits story, as with many others stories. I know you rarely get thank yous especially on stuff like this, but thanks. Seriously.

Former COGIC

As far as the benefits that were offered...it's a very small step, crumbs when we were looking for at least half or part of a loaf. I'm actually amazed that the federal government offers son very little to same sex partners of federal employees.

But heh this is another reason we have to get rid of DOMA and at least the president paid lip service to this when signing. And it was live on the teevee, too, that can't be ignored.

Quniton M

the update graphic on HIV in the screen grab is priceless


Hopefully this wasn't the "major policy initiative" the White House planned for gay pride and Stonewall's 40th.

I'll hold my tongue and say this is a small step in the right direction. Looking forward to working on the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act, ENDA, DADT, DOMA and all the other items on our agenda.

Yes we can!


NO more crumbs from OBAMA!

WE are pissed and need to take it to the media, state legislators, local communities, etc...empowerment is the key!

Democrats need to earn our vote from now on!


Dear Mr. President Obama:

Thanks for "some" federal benefits granted to a "few" gay federal employees.

You're a doing a heckuva job, Barry!


Are they actually TRYING to alienate the gay community? Maybe the Democrats want to be "rid of" the gay constituency? They're sure throwing a lot of rocks at them.

This "benefits but not healthcare benefits" debacle just sounds like Lucy with the football...although I suspect the whole notion of suddenly announcing that they were going to give "benefits" to same-sex couples was decided without thinking through that the DOMA wouldn't allow giving healthcare.

Of course, prez could repeal DOMA...but I digress.

Another digression...I am watching with awe at how well the gay community is organizing. What a strong group, great work people are doing. Fantastic.

D. Askew

The administration probably isn't trying to alienate the gay community (and everyone who believes in our rights, whether gay or not). It's probably a combination of 1) We don't have to pay attention to them because where else are they gonna go? and 2) We have more important fish to fry and our geniuses are really busy already. (It's hard work running a country!)




My two cents, This gratuitous and transparent attempt to placate gays will only fuel more anger. Do they think gays are stupid and will jump up and down about how pro gay Obama is because he is giving benefits to federal employees?? 10 years ago that would have been a big deal; now it falls far short of what we want. I've tried to stay quiet about my dissent with Obama, because I want so many of his policies to move forward, but he is just pushing on the last nerve.

This is my first time speaking out against this administration and I am very angry. I want the prez to succeed and hope he does succeed but I fear he and his white house hope to do it at the expense of gays. Please prove me otherwise, Mr President!


Wow. Only 13 comments in five hours or so. I have been noticing fewer and fewer comments in these posts since that awful brief. I think people just don't know what to say, especially at a site like this where so many of us were so pro-Obama.

I'm just thinking we have our work cut out for us and hopefully everyone sees that now. Call your congressmen, senators, donate to your state reps, state equality groups ... when the Democrats, DNC and Obama's peeps start begging, tell them 'hell to the no', not until we see some results. That's the only way we will get heard.

The time is always right to do what is right.” ~~Martin Luther King, Jr.


@ faison:

i think many of us are quiet for our own reasons. there is not much to say, or there are too many things to say. i'm not going to get too hot under the collar but it is obvious this even our "friends" will need to be pressured.

that being said...i want to say rod, thanks a million, between you and pam, both of you are doing an incredible job. thanks for keeping us informed you rock


I don't see the need to get upset right now to be honest. This guy will in time do more for us than any other president has done in the past. I am willing to be patient to a point and truth be told I do think healthcare, the economy and the environment should be taken care of before our issue is taken up. The man has only been in office for 5 months so I'm willing to give him time to get to everything he needs to do. Maybe he's been trying to do so much some people expect everything to get done right away but it all will take time.


"This guy will in time do more for us than any other president has done in the past."

And you know this how? Can you see into Obama's "heart" or do you know something we don't?

And what "health care" are you people talking about? He can't even give health care to partners of gay federal employees without an act of Congress. If you think LGBT families will be included in ANY health care overhaul, I'd like what you are smoking. Really.

But I love the "he's trying to do so much" line. Gay partners already had these 'benefits', he just put it into a memo, lol

A. Martinez

@ Jinca:

When? How much "time" do you want to give the president? And for which legislative items?

The economy will be in recession for another year or two and any meaningful health care reform will take at least that long. So .... you think Obama will act on "our issues" close to the 2012 election?


Derrick from Philly

Faison (and others),

Rod has made it clear ever since the Democratic Primary that he doesn't want visitors to his blog to resort to vicious attacks and ugly profanity-filled name calling. And believe me that's what runs through my head when I read some of the gloating comments by anti-Obama posters--many who have been anti-Obama long before the current disappointing performance by his administration on gay civil rights. Most of the angry comments are sincere, but some folks are indeed taking malicious pleasure in the frustration of those of us who still support this President.

Yes, I am disappointed (and even a little disgusted) by the callousness of my President's treatment of gay people, but I respect Rod McCullum and his blog too much to transform into my cynical, nasty-talkin', faggot b.tch alter ego while defending this Democratic President and his party (there is another blog on which I transform into that creature).

I understand, accept, and to some extent, support the criticism of Barack Obama's "gay policy"; but gloating at those of us who still support our President, and indulging in this "I told you so" orgy will only result in hate and contempt between black gay people. We really don't need to go there.

Rod Mc

What Derrick said.

We have to work together during the next four (or eight) years with this president. I'm all for constructive criticism, solutions, advocacy and engagement. But the orgy of recriminations and finger-pointing doesn't help. No one is satisfied with this first step. But it is a first step.

Let me also add that some people who feel compelled to repeatedly defend the president and insult his critics need to tamp down. Almost all of us voted for Obama and many of us are black and gay. Criticism doesn't mean you don't "support" something. It many cases it means you expect and demand more. -RM

Rod Mc

Joseph, you make some good points but no all caps please, that's considered shouting. Thanks. -RM


@ Derrick, Rod and others:

Sorry but I disagree...I really don't see any gloating in here.
Now, over on Fox News, on Republican blogs...that is Obama bashing and gloating. On some of the gay blogs like Towle, Queerty, Americablog etc. the tone of posts and many comments are just outrageous. But not here.

At this blog I think people are rightly upset. I'm sure 9 out of 10 readers voted and supported him. Many of us gave money. And what are we saying that is so bad? Some of you feel we have to walk on egg shells when discussing Obama. Why? He is a politician and the president. Were you that "respectful" when discussing Bush? No. Clinton? That question can answer itself.

The bottom line is that so far the president has done squat on gay rights. Some/many of you realize it many be a very long time and it's the same ole story with many other Democrats. Don't get upset with me because some folks are saying "we told you so." Many of us did back in the primaries. I voted for Obama but never was sold on that "transformational" talk, folks claimed he would "convince" people who didn't support gay rights to support our causes. We now see that President Obama and the White House are not interested in convincing anyone to help us or being our "fierce advocate".

The time is always right to do what is right.” ~~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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