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03 June 2009


Andre H

How you doin Spec?


Gay gay GAY


this is very funny, lolmao. he is determine to do his thang and show he is freaky

Lang B

This is not amusing.
He needs to stop already.

Seems DESPERATE for attention. Well, he is getting it but he is contradicting his objective (to entertain the ladies).

5 out 5 pink stars for his performance. :)


OK, this is the industry side of me talking here (No RevKev...LOL).

He can't act like this video was ANYWAY like the first. It wasn't just gay dudes saying it was gay...women did too...all over the internet. Plus, this routine is like that of a stripper he watched somewhere. The first routine was all grinding and hips and Beyonce grinding and not Ginuwine grinding.

The cry for attention is so desperate that its not funny and he needs to be glad that anyone is talking about Pretty Ricky after a career that just fell off. But I guess Nancy Wilson said it best when she said


Well, we're thinking about you Spectacular because people are definitely talking.


Does Spec think that people actually believe what he is shoveling? Hasn't he read the memo that states that phrases like "Strictly for the ladies" and "No homo" are just covers for appearing to have homosexual tendencies? I can't believe in this day and age, with the gay community more and more intertwined with American pop culture, people think that they are convincing others that they aren't gay. If your goal is to come across as straight, then the best thing to do is refrain from homophobic comments and releasing videos claiming your heterosexuality. The more Spec talks, the more people he has thinking that he is gay. Apparently, he must not have a publicist because he/she would tell him the truth. If he has one, he/she should be fired for not telling him the truth. I'm just waiting for the video with his body all greased up with nothing but a jockstrap on. Absolutely hilarious.


Why couldnt this be Dwight Howard or Mehcad Brooks or someone like that?


Remember is is only his early twenties. He's not mature yet. Don't expect him to have full understanding of his actions.

Also, the current advertising way is video on the internet which cost NOTHING! Smart if u ask me.

Why couldn't it be Shemar Moore, Henry Simmons or Dexter Jackson?


correction: remember he is...

GEEZ, i need spell check

Byron Monte

oh b!tch....puh-lease.


This is a very obvious cry for ... something. What is he trying to do?


This really makes me want to crawl under a rock as a gay, African-American man. Why, oh why do we have to act out like this?

And you know, I wouldn't want my man doing that around me. It is so...tacky.-QH


This really makes me want to crawl under a rock as a gay, African-American man. Why, oh why do we have to act out like this?

Well, you know, QH, “we” don’t act out like this. Pretty Ricky does.

I know it’s hard, QH, but try to disassociate yourself from Pretty Ricky or any other particular person whose behavior you think is “tacky” for fear that you will get painted with the same brush. I know some straight black people and some white people are stupid enough to think that whatever Pretty Ricky does, you must do, too. But those people are simply terminal, and they are only that stupid because it makes them feel better about themselves.

I think we can hope that with time, the number of such people is dwindling. But regardless, if you worry about how every black gay person in the world behaves, you’ll be under a rock until you’re dead.


He's hot, but he'd be hotter with that mouth taped shut so he couldn't spew all that nonsense.


If does not blow over then he and BowWow can go ahead with that movie that Bow Wow back out at the last minute where he was suppose to play an on the DL gangbanger.

Those two (Spec and Bow) would be cast perfectly. Not much acting would be required, especially the sex scene though Bow would need some coaching on how to come off as a street thug. I bet if the director made everyone on the set take their clothes off the sex scenes would be shot in one take.


This reminds me of Mega Body's video on DawgPoundUSA, although Mega Body is about 1000X hotter. Spec definitely has a future as an exotic dancer...he's what? 20? That means a lucrative 20-year career, on top of the maybe $500 he made as part of Pretty Ricky. Oh and that song is terrible, but so are all their songs, so who knows, it might end up popular.



And it's no secret that she is a huge homophobe.


I will never understand this trend of pretending to hump the air and furniture around you going around in neo-R&B (aka crap music) and youtube. You are not a stripper and it is not sexy. this man looks retarded fcking the floor beneath him, in his undies and socks.

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