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01 June 2009



So sad to hear about my lovely black men and my beloved city of Chi.


Wow, this is truly heartbreaking in 2009 to read this. As one of those who was around when the epidemic started and saw many friends die young and very painful deaths, its amazing that with all the knowledge out there now that wasn't in the 80's people won't utilize the information, its not that hard to get info, especially in the third largest city in this country.

How do we fix this????

Chitown Kev

The information is out there but much of it is on the North Side which is mostly the white side of town. The hardest hit areas on the South and West Side has few resources.

IMO, part of this racial disparity has to do with the black church community in Chicago, also. If enough of them can speak up for Daley and Arne Duncan to drop the plans for a gay high school, then they can speak up and get the necessary resources needed on the South Side and should have done so long ago.


Kev, you may be right, but, the same black chuch seems oddly quiet on the murders of school kids when I see it on the news, and, this is one of the reasons I say outlaw the black church forever, or at least until they figure out a way to tell the truth and stop the hate from the pulpit..

Chitown Kev


I couldn't agree more although...

There are a few black churches that are LGBT affirming in Chicago.

Me, I live on the North Side (actually in Evanston) and a good friend of mine (recently deceased) ran a non-profit agency mostly pertaining to HIV/AIDS prevention (and substance abuse counseling, etc.). He did a lot of work with the black and Hispanic community on the North Side and in Evanston. In fact, his agency still does that type of work.


OK Folks
I'm really having a hard time honestly believing that we're just this stupid with this disease.

SORRY kids As I will admit that we have a HIV problem in our communities. I'm just not buying these statistics. Something seems very flawed to me!


This is shocking appaulling and horrific. I expect to see these kinds of statistics in undeveloped & uneducated third world countries, and not the USofA. Why is this so? What should be done? When can we start doing it? Life is to precious to allow this to continue unchallenged.


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