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20 June 2009


Crown Heights Affair

Once again another so called Xtian Conservative is the biggest fake and fraud. And freak!

On the one hand I am angry the Democrats don't say anything, but we traditionally don't when the Republicans are in sex scandals. The silence speaks for itself.


Let me get this straight, so Doug Hampton prostituted his wife for personal/professional gain?

Further, his wife was cool with this? Gawd help us all !!!!


The fact that this man will keep his job and no doubt his good 'Christian' constinuency will quickly forgive him for giving in to temptation, makes me hate these people all more. I'm sure they will blame the sinful environment of Washington,DC, which like LA, San Francisco, or pre 9/11 NYC can always be counted on to play the part of a modern Babylon ensnaring otherwise pious and 'Christian' men. Please!!

And of course, the senator and his flock are concerned about gay marraige. I would love to see a reporter ask him about the DC Marraige proclamation and if he has any plans to support rescinding it in Congress. I'd love to see him try and justify that after brazenly breaking his vows and humiliating his wife in public, not to mention treat a staff member like a prostitute. They won't ask of course, these hypocrites always get a pass. No, we're the moral scapegoats of America.

jorge smith


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