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20 June 2009




Chitown Kev

Seems as if Rod has joined the Ronaldo fan club with Andy Towle. lmao

Not that I blame you and Andy, Rod. ronaldo just cannot take a bad picture and these are yum yum yummy.

Ten in My Timbz

Retailers Predict Cristiano Ronaldo's Tight Shorts Will "Become A Worldwide Phenomenon"

Now that's wassup, I love tight bodies in tight shorts! Cristiano Ronald wears them well too!

I wish he would sit on my lap so I can tell him that, lol

Face and Waist

as far as Christiano goes...I hate it when straight boys can pull more tops than me! but its all good lol


If I had legs like that I would wear some skimpy lil thangs too. But I got too much back thurr if you know what I mean. I like a tight fit but don't cut off teh circulation!


WTF? is this Rod 2.0 or Towleroad 2.0?


i ain't mad at all flaunt it girl



Oh please man. This site ain't nothing like TR. Some stories be similar and it has that same "A-gay" profile, but this is definitely for the brothas and papis. Or their admirers, lol

Yes and Cristiano Ronaldo will GET it.

Baby Phat

Great pictures! Can there ever be a poor picture of him?

Chitown Kev


Can't hate Rod for Cristiano, though. Especially not these pics and especially that 1st pic after "jump" where there seems to be quite a bit of jumpin' goin' on.

Geoff Rivers

Hell of a body and thankfully not looking so euro greasy today.

Baltimore Femme

Cristiano Ronaldo is SETTING IT OFF boys and girls. Setting. It. Off. The girls love him, the boys love him, the men, the women, the tops, the bottoms ... and he is loving them all back with style and grace and sexy. Oh and channeling Billie Holiday with that flower behind his ear! Yes papi, work it baby!!!!!


sigh @ cristiano's legs

Crown Heights Affair

I'm with Chitown Kev. No hatin here at all, only admiration for this phine specimen of a man. And check out the "package" in that second photo **swoon** **fanning self**




You go to Debenhams to buy towels.
Only middle aged lower class-trying-to-be-middle-class women buy clothes there. Shudder.

Shane Moseley

I want to stick my thing in him.
There. I said it!

Ten in My Timbz

LOL @ Shane

You and me both!


@ Gary:

Is the store quoted that bad?
So would they sell this type of short normally?

I have also seen this story on ESPN, apparently it really has taken off in Britain.

Cristiano makes a cute circuit boy no?

Dave in PGC

@ Moreno: "Cristiano makes a cute circuit boy no?"

A fabulous and fagulous circuit boy. Fab-u-lous.




Shane & Ten.... I with u both.

Lets all do it at the same time.

Dallas Cowboy

@ Baltimore:

Do you remember Miss Diana Ross in 'Mahogany'?

"The men love me, the women love me, they all love me. Because I'm a winner baby!"


Love your comments and love love love polysexual Cristiano Ronaldo


@ D:

C'mon man. I checked the Cristiano archives...TWO stories in four years is hardly comparable to Andy Towle. That would be more like three Ronaldo stories each week lol

Don't hate, congratulate cuz Cristiano is fine as hell. If he aint your speed, there were some hot brothaz on yesterday or day before. Punk, Oguchi, that UK Gladiator...

Oh and Rod I ain't mad at the Beyonce and American Express ads. That's the only comparison you can make to Towle. This blog has the heat baby.

Strong Island

@ Kmark, Shane and Ten:

I'm on that train too.
Dayumn .. this man is walking sexy ... looking at those hard legs and veins makes me wanna ... yall know the rest


Chitown is right, Cristiano is packing quite the bulge in that first shot after the jump. Mmmm tasty I bet, I love Portuguese cuisine and men!

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