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17 June 2009



Really love this show. Lafayette is probably one of the best black gay characters ever on television, very complex and very layered. He's not clean and neat,,very messy which is okay with me! So am I, lol


Alan Ball is smart. He wouldn't kill off his breakout star. I was worried for a minute tho. lol


I love the Lafayette character. He is unabashedly gay and doesn't care what you think about him. I remember the scene from season one when three rednecks refused his hamburgers because they said it had AIDS in it. He went out there and told them not only were they going to eat it, but he kicked their butts when they stepped to him. Loved that scene. That scene summed up the pent up disgust and anger that gay people have when dealing with jerks like them.


I LOVE True Blood and I LOVE Lafayette. Not only do they have a black gay character who is on the front burner, they have a sassy, wicked-tongue diva Tara and her crazy, religious fanatic alcoholic mama played by wonderful actresses (Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter). Check out the show, boys. It's a winner. :)


Love the series! Love Lafayette, but I'm going to need him to have some black boyfriends/lovers once he crosses over...lol


Ok, can I say something? I love this show, I love Lafayette. However, does anyone find it odd... our character starts out in chains then becomes essentially a slave to a white master in the South? Thoughts?


@ Freeleo:

I think you're right about that. The black queen in the south liking white boys is very 1980s.

@ Allen:

Wasn't sure what to make about that. It bothered me for a second but there were white boys chained too. I figure its horror/fantasy, these physical and mental bondage relationships happen. Especially with vampires, they are always enslaving people. Just my thoughts...



It's a vampire/human thing. To the vampires, humans are either pets or food. No discrimination there.


The whole point of the people in the dungeon surrounds what happened in season one. Three vampires were burned to death while they were resting during the daytime. The blond vampire, who is in charge of that area of the country, is trying to find out those responsible for the murders. I didn't see a slave angle to it. This vampire is well over 100 years old, so it's obvious that he would do things in an old-fashioned manner. The overall head vampire comes from the days of the Inquisition.


Lafayette isn't in shackles because he is black, it's because he is a drug dealer, mainly for the drug called "V" which is vampire blood. Vampire blood is a hot commodity and it's better than crack. :)

I just love how diverse this show is. You have white, black, gay, straight, vampire, shapeshifters, rednecks, etc. And there are 6 talented and working African American actors/actresses on that series. I love Alan Ball and I love True Blood.


Can someone explain to me the fascination with this show? I forced myself to watch the entire first season, as well as the most recent episode, and I still can't stomach it. When I think of vampires I think of Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles." HBO should have added her collection to their lineup, not this mess.

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