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29 June 2009



That is fantastic. Really an historic moment for US History and LGBT History. I know many gays are upset that Obama in his first 5 months in office has not cured all that ails our movement but he is one of the GOOD guys. We need to support him but also keep the pressure up on our agenda. We can do that without demeaning the President and his allies. Thank you Obama!

Nate Collins

This was great,,
I am very proud of MY president for standing up and speaking out for rights, I anxiously await the day when he will use his "bully pulpit" to do more!! But I am quite pleased. For now!

Nate Collins

And always a THANK YOU to Rod for the FULL REMARKS and VIDEO!

And for noting the LGBTs of color! You know we are always in the "back" at these events.



As they say in AA, "progress not perfection." Congratulations to all and thank you to the prez. And kudos to Rod, I am also glad you share what you know and obviously are inside the "loop"..

Sean Beasley


Just some power gays slapping each other on the back and trying to get a job.

I'd rather see the hate crimes bill (wtf???) pass or some progress on ENA.


andre leon talley?
wilson cruz?


"Progress not perfection" I like that. A very important event -- and note how he pushes on 'what you did' how 'you' created this change -- and this is the 'money' quote:

We have made progress and we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I've made, but by the promises that my administration keeps.


Sorry but WE are still at the BACK of thee BUS. Not very many COLOREDS in that assembly and of course Rod is the only one to go through the list to find them.

You sure don't SEE MANY IN THE PICS. We are all on the sidelines. No front row seats. Just because the "man" in the Big House looks like us,, don't fool yourselves into thinking it's OUR HOUSE!!

Andre H

@ vc:

yep, it's mighty white up in there, but i am sure many black LGBTs will be thankful they were represented by andre leon talley and stampp corbin.



Talley and Cruz's names stood out to me too. WTF?


Thank you for all you have done Mr, President! We support and admire you but we must do more! Please don't let us down!

alicia banks

i will buy my own drinks and host my own parties

i need some EQUALITY UNDER LAW!!!!

and is obama cruising in this photo?



It's mighty quiet up in here. There are hundreds of comments at the other gay blogs. What's wrong black gays and lesbians? Don't see any black faces in that crowd? Sort of embarassing Rod has to hunt for the few specks of color, right?

Oh and don't you love how Michelle is there to distract us with her fabulousness. Clever Obama. He knows our community all too well!


Overall, a good show. And certainly a sign that progress has been made in the last forty years.

I did have one problem. Obama said he "speaks about our issues" in front of atypical audiences, and he singles out African American churches. I have a bit if a problem with that considering 1) he himself attended a welcoming African American church, 2) the number of welcoming black churches is increasing dramatically and 3) his own guest list included people in the black church who are at the forefront of these issues.

I know I've railed against the "black church" and such, but we do have to be careful to acknowledge the welcoming congregations in out midst. Also, his statement feeds into this black/gay divide that way too many people in that room buy into. All of those church where he "spoke about issues" contained black gay members (and in *way* more places than the choir stand!).

Carter G

Another great speech by our great orator president. The proof is in action and results, Pres. Obama, not promises. I won't believe anything else he says until there is progress. Tell Congress to pass hate crimes. Say you want an ENDSA bill. Repeal DADT. Repeal DOMA. Do something. Then your word will be good again.

Rod Mc


I heard the "black church" comments and was disappointed because as you noted, Yvette Flunder, Sylvia Rhue and others were in the audience. It does feed into black vs gay. Obama did speak to some black church audiences ... in the primaries. But that was more than a year ago and looking for some new momentum now. -RM


wow, janet jackson and joe jackson get many more comments than obama's gay cocktail party. i guess there really is very little to say besides "underwhelmed."


@ Rod, good job as always.

@ Anderson, yeah how sad but true. that speaks for itself


1. I found the "unlikely audiences" remark offensive. Is it really any more unlikely that a black person would believe in justice than any other person?

2. I agree with Michelle: "You move too slow."

3. I was pleased he singled out Frank Kameny, a true hero, and I'm glad Mr. Kameny was alive to hear his being singled out by a president.

4. I do not trust this man, not just on gay issues but on all other issues. His fine words will have to be matched by deeds that are at least somewhat fine.

5. I have felt for the longest that Obama needs to have a serious discussion with a group of exclusively black LGBTs. Mr. Obama did not grow up in a black community, and he needs to have such a meeting both for his own education, and for what it will say to the world.

King Drive

>>>I have felt for the longest that Obama needs to have a serious discussion with a group of exclusively black LGBTs. Mr. Obama did not grow up in a black community, and he needs to have such a meeting both for his own education, and for what it will say to the world.<<<

You aren't the only one. Amazing, all those gays and lesbians and so very very few black faces. So very few relevant faces, one could argue. Andre Leon Talley, Stampp Corbin ... words cannot explain. And let me say black LGBTs have been going out of there way to defend him on all this inaction. Know it public knowledge how low blk folks and blk LGBTs rank in the White House.

And you aren't the only one who doesn't trust him on many issues. many of Chicago know the whole truth.

@ Rod, thanks for singling out Chicago's two black lesbian activists. I love you for that! Of course you know that both exclusively date white women. They should have felt right at home up in there!


I agree with you too, Kevjack. Not a good statement.


If Obama didn't need to worry how strong Christians are in this superstitous nation, he might be able to move much faster and futher for LGBT rights.

This was what he said:
"That's why I've spoken about these issues not just in front of you, but in front of unlikely audiences -- in front of African American church members, in front of other audiences that have traditionally resisted these changes. And that's what I'll continue to do so. That's how we'll shift attitudes. "

Look at Europe and Canada, only when Churchs are weaken, can human rights, including LGBT right, can preveil !


I'm sorry but I do not want parties I want action.



The most important question is: what about our political-economic system inhibits or slows down "action" by a President who is vocally such an obvious advocate of LGBT Equality?

Other Questions to Consider:

Obama obviously recognizes the egregious heterosexist errors of his Justice Dept in the brief defending DOMA. He came close to, but avoided, apologizing for them.

Why are the Justice Dept , and also the Labor Dept (re: the tearing down of Pride posters) obviously heterosexist whereas Obama seems not to be?

Is Obama fighting the heterosexism of his own Administration as well as that of his Democratic allies in Congress??

In other words, can the lack of "action" be blamed entirely on Obama??


Oh for sure Obama is just a politician at the end of the day with a set of cards that he has to play correctly. But I am not. I am a gay man living in a heterosupremacy oriented society. He can wait but I can be impatient.

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