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17 July 2009



About time! I luv reading stuff like this!-QH

alicia banks


nbjc rocks!!!


This good news made my day !!

Mel Smith

This is excellent news. I am a member of the NAACP and NBJC.

Anthony in Nashville

This is a significant and inspirational development! I need to step my game up and become a member of these organizations.

I agree that it is time for black gay people to step out of the darkness and stand up for ourselves.

To that point, there is a recent column by LZ Granderson that is another illustration of the sad, segmented thinking many of our community members engage in, believing you have to "choose" between your sexuality or your racial identification.



I am proud of this organization for aggressively taking on the frontline national work that has to be done WITHIN the family!

I love that Julian Bond is so present in the fight, even when the NAACP's leader has been lackluster to do so.

I am proud of the ways and the works and it's no wonder than change is in the air. WE ARE ALL BUSY DOING OUR BEST AND PUTTING OUR BEST FORWARD! Progress is a fight worth fighting!

Thanks for this Rod! This is a way to begin the weekend! NYC must be on fire this weekend with progressive thinking! (OR AT LEAST THAT'S MY DREAM!)


@Anthony-I'm thinkin' the same thing about membership, especially for NBJC (checking their site now). I will support orgs that are actually taking a stand.

I have sooooo much respect for Julian Bond. Bartlett's address was a major step in our visibility.

Derrick from Philly

Hey, Anthony!

I read the LZ Granderson piece and also the respone by one of Pam Spaulding's contributing poster to her blog. The only thing critical in Mr Granderson's essay was his lack of knowledge of the gay civil rights movement.

When I've faced fierce criticism on this blog (not just Towleroad) for my continued devotion to President Obama, all I kept thinking was, "do they understand, realize just how many black gays (and maybe many gays of other races/ethnic groups) are prepared to give this President MORE TIME. We are not ready to sport "Impeach Obama" buttons yet. I don't think Mr Granderson's piece should have offended anybody.



Why shouldn't it have offended anyone? I don't like or agree with him for the most part or the way he basically used race to bash gay rights.

I'm a black gay person with a mind of my own and I would like if he didn't assume all of us were like him by turning the disagreements with Obama into a white gay vs black gay issue.

Anthony in Nashville

@ Derrick,

I understood what Granderson was trying to say, I just don't think his argument was articulated clearly.

If his goal was to say "we need to give Obama more time," I'm not sure it was necessary to bring up the difference in gay clubs, which are always going to self-segregate unless you're in a small town. And you're right, he showed a very poor knowledge of LGBT history.

I have read his articles in the past so I know he is capable of better writing than he showed in the CNN article. Maybe he just wanted to be sensational to draw attention to himself.

Mad Professah

This is very good news---kudos to NBJC!

Let's hope NAACP and other civil rights orgs like SCLC will finally step up and take a position on marriage equality.

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