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10 July 2009



Rod, Carmella is going to hunt you down for posting that picture of her..LOL


>>>. I love being myself."<<<

Take that homophobic thugs!


what blockheads, they didnt know you could get arrested for calling people names or attacking anyone, but she "didnt see me throw anything"

but you did blanche, you did!

Miami Mike

Wow" the story makes me feel sad for her'but that picture is scary L0L!!! She might scared those guys with those mummy cript keeper looks.

Sorry" I'm young and had too LOL"

Bobby R

I just watched the video Rod. Why was the friend of the suspect repeatedly referring to Carmella as a he? I must have sworn that Carmella is a trans-woman. I only hope that justice is served in this case. Stories like these only make me want to carry a weapon with me at all times. It is just sad.

Derrick from Philly

It takes two men to bash one transwoman. Did I say, "men"? I meant two slugs...or thugs, both.

Derrick from Philly

Oh, I don't know? Carmella probably looks as good (and smells much better) than the crack-head wenches that those two gay-bashing cowards have bred bastards with.

Shane Moseley

Carmella looks fine to me.

She's a helluva lot more courageous than those homo thugs or the those closeted Hollywood queens like Tyler Perry or Terrell Carter.

alicia banks


i want all bashers to be arrested and FULLY prosecuted...

consequences breed changes!




It is shameful to talk about Carmella's looks when she was attacked for being transgendered and different. And they thought she didn't matter to anyone. But the LGBT community needs to look inward as well. There are too many of us who treat effeminate and transgendered people with disrespect and also look down upon them. Some even say that they are disgusted or sickened by them. Some of us will avoid effeminate men and transgendered people because they are afraid that others will see them as gay. True, it is horrible and despicable what those two punks did to Carmella, but we have a lot to clean up within our own community as well.


And Miami Mike, youth is no excuse for ignorance. Grow up.


i can promise, you without being in the room, that after Carmella's friends and transgender sisters checked on her and were sure that she was alright, they said, "girl, did you see that photo rod used on his blog?"

many of of us in the black and gay community have historically used humor as a balm as we say to ourselves, "there before the grace of god go i."
when my best friend and i were teens, a gang of boys chased us for about 3 blocks yelling gay insults. my best friend was smaller but i saw that boy passing me. when we finally were safe, we laughed so hard, i had no idea he could run so fast.

if this had ended more tragically or if carmella wasn't up and able to respond then i would have held my comment but she is up and moving on with her life and i promise you that her trans sisters will give her playful grief over that pic. beside, a lady has her vanity.



And I was a target of gaybashing when I was in my twenties. I was hit in the back of my head with a steel pipe, and I managed to beat the crap out of my attackers with that same pipe. I laughed too. I laughed that I beat the stuffing out of them and left them a bloodied mess. But using your example, you were laughing at your own situation and not at someone else. I understand what you're saying, but after reading two comments about her appearance, I had to say something about it. That's all.


i'm sorry if i upset you. i would never laugh at that situation. i think it's awful. i will however laugh at a bad photo, as i've taken my fair share..


Courage is often a rare commodity in this country.
The one thing I admire about people like Carmella is the bravery it takes to be yourself, against all odds. Especially in contrast to the two Hollywood stars you mention, who are afraid of their own gay shadows.

And regarding the pic of Carmella: well, Rod choose the capture not by accident. Humor and tragedy can be part of the same pill.


I am sorry to hear about this. People need to mind their dag on business. I bet she wasn't bothering anyone. This is typical of close-minded predominantly Black areas. Carmella, if you are reading this, PLEASE invest in some mace, and while you are at it, look toward pumping out of urban Queens and into a predominantly WHITE section of the city. Sorry to say, but as a gay male living in Queens, I receive the most bull from my fellow BLACK brethren. Tooting around in the Village, Tribeca, LES, Upper East, Midtown, etc, a BREEZE.

Transgender women like Carmella are the bravest within our community, IMO. I really applaud Carmen for being true to herself. I know that it takes lots of guts for her to live her life.

Rod Mc

Didn't expect the picture would become an issue. It's not the most flattering pose, but it was the best I could do while capturing the chyron.

Bobby, you are right. Carmella is indeed a woman, but was called a "he" by the suspect's friend. I guess they share the same values.

Very good comments in this thread. My heart goes out to Miss Etienne. She is an inspiration. Oh and Shane: Ten points for you. -RM

Nathan James

@ Chaz: This attack occurred, as Rod"s post says, virtually on my doorstep. I have been thinking carefully these past two days about whether I should continue to live here in St. Albans among neighbors capable of gay-bashing like this. I think the need to be able to walk safely in this, or any other part of NYC is a human right, not a "privilege", as some see it. In my neighborhood, it is clear that you will be tolerated as long as you don't do anything that identifies you as LGBT.

It's depressing that we're still not there yet in terms of our ability to accept and co-exist as peaceful ADULTS yet. When I am able to wear LGBT clothing, like a Pride T-shirt, or a rainbow bandanna, all the way to Pride in Manhattan, and all the way home to Queens again, without being accosted and/or beaten for daring to be out and proud, then we will have arrived at that happy ending.

But as Carmella's injuries attest, that day is a long ways off yet.


Great comments by Shane and Nathan James. And Rod, I'm glad you cleared the air over the photo. It's what I had suspected.


Hopefully after the arrest and jail time for the thugs that killed the latino man who was with his brother and the thugs thought they were gay, these two knuckleheads will go to jail also.

I think that with all the media attention given to that case Bloomberg said a few things that supoose to have helped make sure this not tolerated. Hopefully the community will hold at least one march or meeting with the council people about this so that they can push for these two to go to jail. The more these types of crimes are prosecuted and attackers jailed, the more thugs may think before they act.

Like he said, "I didn't know you could go to jail for calling someone a name." If the city shows that this is not tolerated the better it becomes, hopefully. When Kevin Aviance was attacked in the east village it seemed to start a small gay uprising. The more gay were attacked the less silent we became and just accepted being attacked as something that goes with the "gay territory."

Hopefully when we are attacked we will not stay silent and become a victim to both the attackers and society. Tell the cops and consider going public. Go to the news. Gay topics are all over the news and whether this is creating a backlash or not, it is creating more airtime to air our issues. This would be the time to go public. While everything is on the table and people are very conscious o fthe fact that gays are standing up and being recognized for both when positive things happen, and are voicing concerns when negative things happen.

Kevin Perez

Let's hope next time some homophobic Black/Latino/White thug tries to pull this BS on another tranny, I hope he/she have a razor, knife or a gun like so that when he/she shoots/cuts them (the thugs/assailants), said individual will have all the right to say "It was self-defense, they tried to touch me!"

But that only works for gay panic, unfortuantely.


poor thing. she was obviously still in shock when filmed/pic captured. I know i'd be.

in school i faced physical attacks but it was life after school that paved a road of emotional assaults (esp. in the workplace). these can be just as painful as external afflictions though its scares stay hidden and dormant until one day.... ok, i'm veering off track LOL!

i defended myself pretty well in school i must say, have no doubt i'll be able to do it again. but come on - two guys up against one girl? who's the sissy now?

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