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25 July 2009



i was happy to see him. wished he mixed it up more with the panel, but they were kinda boring tho.

yeah and i donated too ;)


I don't think the panel was boring, their just wasn't a conservative to gang up on lol. Woods was a last minute replacement guest as far as I can tell beacuse he was never listed to be a guest on any of the pre show stuff. I think he did very well although he seemed pretty quiet for the most part but that was probably due to a lack of time to prepare for being on national TV since he wasn't the original panelist anyway. Either way he did a great job when he did speak and I do wish him well and hope he wins his election bid up in northern CA. If I lived up there I'd vote for him no doubt.


Smart is very sexy :)

I missed the episode but was able to record the HBO-West feed and watched it yesterday. I thought he did great on the panel.

and I donated too!


Thanks, it was nice to see him there. I think Bill has a bit of trouble getting conservatives on his show these days though. he has been too effective at making the look like idiots (or perhaps too effective at letting them make idiots of themselves)

J Matt

I agree with Tim. But I'll add, the more liberal voices rise up these days, the more silent the fundamentals are becoming. It seems conservatives are becoming extinct. LOL.

Honestly, they have to really reinvent themselves. No longer can they be students of the old regime. They've got to pick up some new philosophies to stay relevant.


Please help me understand what makes Anthony Woods a "progressive?" I'm loving the guy but he remains totally silent on the military industrial complex and only barely criticized Obama's escalation in Afghanistan (a position Obama held through the campaign while Woods supported him wholeheartedly). Growing up without health insurance does not make one progressive nor does being a war veteran...someone help me...

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