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13 July 2009



This tragedy just continues to worsen. So much lying. Is this how people who give their lives to defend this country are treated? I'm afraid the "investigation" will just rubber stamp what the military has already done. Let's hope that Sheila Jackson Lee stays on this investigation. But the military lies to Congress as well.

Chris Cruz

This is a MF'ing outrage!

As a former Airman in the United States Air Force I expect much more from our military and our government. August Provost served the flag with distinction and honor. He died in the uniform and his memory must be honored!

And thank you for staying on this, Rod!~


The Policy is DONT ASK and DONT TELL. Look I'm a 30 Year old Gay Black male. I served my country for four years before going to college. No one deserves this, but he violated the policy. He shared his sexuality and, he was out and open about it. Maybe if he had followed the policy he would be alive. No one told him to come out while a member of the armed forces. He did it on his own. No he did not deserve it, but he should have followed the law. He might be alive today.

You used "BostonBlk" in the previous post, so you're going to stick with that name.

And since you're inventing different screen names, you could be inventing your alleged military service, too. You don't sound anything like Cassandra, Chris or any of the other fine veterans who post here. You do sound very closeted, though. And SHAME on you for saying August Provost caused his own death. smh -RM


Thank you for staying on top of this story. I'm in the military and did not even know about this. Please keep us updated with details.

 19 year old male.

@ RUserious.
I would have very little issue with DADT if it wasn't such a discriminatory policy. If the expression of sexuality was to be suppressed on all levels. But in my personal opinion, asking gay men and women to serve in the military without being able to live out WHO THEY ARE, while requesting they willing die in the battlefields is wrong.
For this military to be in such a need of soldiers, how is it at all justifiable to openly discriminate against such a large part of THIS country?

Gay men and women pay taxes, participate in all levels of government, and are as much the backbone of this country as their heterosexual counterparts. How is it at all JUSTIFIABLE to have government sanctioned discrimination against them? Where is the honer in that?

It amazes me how such an IMPERFECT nation can dictate PERFECTION to other countries around the world.


Oh, that's Miss BostonBlk, the same closet queen who was defending Terrell Carter. Hey girl!

Please don't trash the memory of fallen soldier. And yes he was openly gay and died a hero, that's a helluva more to be said about you or your closet queens Terrell Carter or Tyler Perry.

Derrick from Philly

19 year old male,

you are very mature, smart and insightful for a nineteen year old man. Thanks for your comment.

Former COGIC

@19 year old...
Your comments are very wise beyond your years. Please continue to post comments here.

We are all saddened by the loss of August Provost and seek justice. Hopefully it will happen. But good call Rod, on the manner of death not being told. Sad.

Steve Ralls

This is exactly why there needs to be a third-party investigation, in addition to the military's official inquiry.

In 1999, when PFC Barry Winchell was murdered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the military first ignored pleas for an investigation, then determined it was a simple fight that led to Winchell's death and only, after much prodding by - and evidence from - SLDN did the Army seriously look into the possibility of a hate crime.

Whenever the military investigates itself, not surprisingly, it finds that it did nothing wrong. (And, in addition, LGBT troops are understandably reluctant to come to the military with evidence that could be helpful.)

There needs to be an independent investigation, led by a group outside of the military, to collect evidence and press - via the media and other venues - for a fair inquiry.

Kevin Perez

With the many discussions of August Provost, why is that Terell Carter is still geting so much attention and why are those queens flocking to defend him aren't coming unto to here?

I don't care if I sound like a broken record player but its disgraceful Carter gets so much attention and Provost is ignored by BOTH SIDES.


Rod, I'm glad you dealt with RUserious, Bostonblk, or whatever he calls himself. I saw his comment before I had left to to take care of some business. I found his comment disgusting, but I didn't want to get riled up and say something equally disgusting about him. He is the type of person I can't stand or believe. He proves my point about closeted and DL men so effortlessly. Kudos Rod for staying on top of your blog by monitoring the comments made here. I wished that other sites would demonstrate the diligence that you do everyday.


Look man, I can chose any name I like to post and, this is the name I would like to use from now on. I would appreciate it if you did not change it.

So I guess if all gay black men don't follow your thinking lock step, we are just closeted queens? Really Rod come on After years of reading your blog I decided to speak and this is what I get back..Thanks for making me feel so welcomed.

@ 19 year old male. I agree with you, no one should be forced to live in the closet to serve their country. However it is the system we have. Until the policy is changed then those of who served or currently serving have to live with in those rules period. I look forward to the day when DADT is no longer law.

I look forward to a respectful exchange of ideas with you guys.

Nope, one name per customer here. And if you read this blog "for years", you know I don't care if people agree with me, it's about the process and being respectful. I want everyone to know who you are.

By the way I deleted your remarks about a not-so-closeted entertainer that you insisted upon including in this post about about a murdered veteran. I tend to think this is a more serious story, no? -RM


I live in San Diego County and have lived in Oceanside (right next to Camp Pendleton) for 15 years. I am surprised this even got out because usually the base keeps this type of stuff under wraps. Usually if someone is killed on the base you never hear about on the news. The military will cover up everything.


Rod said: If the United States Navy will not even tell Seaman Provost's family how their son died in the line of duty, do we really believe their so-called "investigation" will yield the "truth"?

You can pretty much count on the military’s not telling the truth if they don’t think it is to their advantage — unless they are FORCED to tell the truth.

Remember the whole Pat Tillman incident and how they lied to his family? Notice how every time they bomb civilians in Afghanistan, they pretend it’s nothing until weeks later, when the political price of denial becomes too great?


Thank you for the updates Rod. The fact that the military did not even tell his family the truth IS a Major reason why there needs to be an independent investigation. The fact that you had to find out how your child was tortured/murdered from the news, and not the military? How can a non-bias investigation NOT be sought?

For clarification for the @BostonBlk, DADT says that the military can not ask you anything about your orientation and the soldier cannot willing tell the military any information. Not following this protocol is what can get you dismissed from service. Provost did not tell anyone in the military his orientation, and adhered to the policy. Other service people found out via his Facebook page, even though that did not say gay, it said Bi, from my understanding.

So since Provost followed protocol and not discussed his private life with the military, your position is misinformed. No one deserves to be tortured/murdered by their own countrymen regardless of their orientation, so your position needs clarification, and you need more empathy.


Stop all of you!! August was my friend and was well above all of your rants!!! He was a sailor first and foremost and that is why he was killed!!

He was serving his country -doing his job!!He stopped a lunatic that had previously made threats about wanting to burn up a hovercraft!!He wouldn't allow him on base!!

Your agenda is sickening and August would be disgusted!!You should be ashamed of using his death for your agenda!! Very sad!! Sorry August!!

PS. If August was watching, he would not of like the nuns in drag. He would of found that revolting!!

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