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01 July 2009


Nathan James

How very depressing. In the wake of yet another horrible anti-gay killing, I am almost certain this murder will be used by some to justify DADT, on the grounds that gay and lesbians in the military will be killed by their fellow soldiers or sailors if their orientation is discovered.

If Provost was "targeted" because he was gay, it says far less about his sexuality than it does about the instability or insecurity of his fellow sailors, that he was killed by one of them. Next, a "gay panic" defense from the "person of interest" being held by NCIS.




this is a mouthful and an indictment against the homophobic culture of society and the military. and yes...this is a by product of anti gay homophobic culture and DADT. i want to know how he died and why a patriot and young man who wanted to give his life for this country was killed an stuffed in a shack! like garbage!

Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

I served for several year and I have ran into a few homophobes but not many had the balls to say anything. The ones that did were quite when I confronted them. I was me and I was out and the reality is the military does not need a DADT policy however gay people need to use it to their advantage and if they get harassed they need to let people know they know what the policy is. A guy worked for asked me if I was gay and I let him know he was wrong. I had a white officer call me a faggot and I broke him at the knees.

I did not use violence I used the DADT policy and he got in a world of trouble. It was a situation he will never forget he almost got kicked out.

This is sad but gay people in the service need to stand up for themselves.





Unbelievable. These are the kinds of people we're letting into our military, but kicking out people like the late Mr. Provost. In the future, our children will wonder in astonishment that supposedly good people allowed this to happen and actively supported such a policy.


What a horrible way to die -- as if any way of dying isn't horrible. If he had run-ins with other military personnel about his sexuality, he didn't have anywhere to go because under DADT he would have been discharged. He didn't have anybody fighting for him. I certainly hope gay activists keep up the pressure on NCIS to treat this murder as a hate crime. I hope they elevate this case all the way up to the White House. I'm quite sure the tendency of the military is to sweep the gay aspect of this murder under the rug. Will the NCIS clam up or will they be forthcoming? I will bet on the former rather than the latter. I certainly hope his family demands full answers. I know there will be some who will highlight this murder as an example of why gays and straights can't mix. However, I think it shows what happens when a small segment of the military is cornered by restrictive rules and left with no avenue to protect themselves from harassment and discrimination. When speaking out means you will lose your career, many choose to remain silent. I'm sure those who harassed him in the past were banking on that very fact. Now that he was murdered, everyone is asking, "What happened?" This is what happens when hatred of gays is the official policy of the military. Some may think that's a harsh assessment, but the proof is in the pudding. The only way to move forward from this tragedy is to embrace the acceptance of gays and lesbians and don't look back. But also be prepared to challenge the naysayers who will admonish us with, "See, I told ya so."

Chris Cruz

@ Ravenback: "This is what happens when hatred of gays is the official policy of the military."

Thank! You!
And as an honorably discharged former enlistee in the USAF, i can tell you there were very many black, white and Latino gay men. This is what we through! and the Army is the worse and has many black lesbians. My cousin was drummed out on DADT by a jealous ex girlfriend.

I have been reading comments on this blog for months, from men who claim they 'don't care' about DADT. Well I do! I had to live under it. My cousin's career was shorted. We have so many black gay men and lesbians who enlist and we all know this. This indeeed is what happens when homophobia is standard operating procedure.


Another brother martyred because he believed he had the right to love whomever he pleased, and serve his country simultaneously. My heart aches.

Dallas Cowboy

This is story is just awful on so many levels...and this is not the 1st time it happened.

And a big shout out to Rod for staying up late to do report this.

RIP August Provost


Yet another tragic story. When will it end....

RIP August


It is so heartbreaking to realize that as we make progress in the journey towards equality, the ugly head of hatred rears itself and proves that fundamentalism has people believing that they have the right, when they don't like, don't understand or don't want, someone around, they get to use hate as a weapon.

My heart is aching over this loss, for so many reasons, but most of all because it begs my point in an earlier post. There are real and active investigations into the lives of soldiers and that as gossip and whispering go around barracks, within our own military structure are fellow soldiers who are using DADT to get rid of people they don't like. Unfortunately, in this vile case, someone didn't even bother to use the system (because it wasn't getting rid of the gays quickly enough) and so they took matters into their own hands.

Is this the America in which we live. We lie, saying that we are fighting around the world for people to be FREE, YET, there are LBGT soldiers who are not free within the very military system for whom they are fighting. THIS IS DISGUSTING.

As powerful soldiers from every direction, CHOI (Asian), WOODS (Black), stand up and fight for their truth, there is apparently loss among them a level of hate seems to believe that it is justified.

Thank you Rod for continuing to shine a light on DADT and Military issues and I am proud of these soldiers for standing up in clearly a hostile environment!



RIP August.

Cevin Fisher

>>>Unfortunately, in this vile case, someone didn't even bother to use the system (because it wasn't getting rid of the gays quickly enough) and so they took matters into their own hands.<<<

Thank you Rev Kev!
We are gonna have church up in here on a Thursday morning!

You are such a beacon of shining light. This system we live under is horrible. This man was harrased and attacked and now killed and he had NOWHERE TO TURN! That is why DADT is wrong because so many young people sign up for these great opportunities...benefits...chance to wear the uniform...and be all they can be, Except if they are gay or lesbian!




ugh, so sad :(

"This is what happens when hatred of gays is the official policy of the military."

so true. we need Obama is listen too. pointless deaths and even more pointless discharging of capable soldiers (see Woods, Anthony).


Wait a minute!
Who says this was an "anti-gay killing"?


Coming from a straight guy, this destroys everything that the US Navy stands for.

Although this makes a perfect NCIS episode.


Thank you everyone, for the great things you've said. I am a former service member that served with Provost and am also gay. He was such an amazing individual, ge never had a bad word to say to or about anyone. He was always willing to help anyone in need and always had a hug or two (or three, or four) readily available...especially for his "tiny lesbian" I am so disgusted at all of this, especially the bullshit that the Navy is spewing by trying to cover everything up. I miss him so much. A piece of the world went with him, and it won't be coming back...R.I.P. August, love, I miss you. We listened to Jesse McCartney today, in honor of you.


This really breaks my heart. I served 20 years in the Navy. I knew many gays and lesbian. I never had a problem. They've been my roommates, bunk mates on ships, we've eaten together, showered in open bay showers together. We've partied together. But most of all, we worked side by side in carrying out our military duties and there was never a problem. I just don't understand. We are all human beings. And everyone should be treated as such. Senseless killing.

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