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23 July 2009








Dallas Cowboy

This is great news, I am so relieved they are moving.

Now we just need to know "why" he was killed, god rest his soul.


What I find "interesting" is how this happened at a military guard shack and no video camera existed.

You hear that Osama? The store is not being guarded properly in the new millenium.

My heart goes out to the family.


"What I find "interesting" is how this happened at a military guard shack and no video camera existed."

good point Gurlene. if one man can over run a guard shack at a MARINE base, good grief.


Well let's hope the outcome of the trial will be something to cheer.


There's something not quite right about this explanation. There's more to it that is not being said. It's a little too convienant. To include everything within a laundry list of things that can explain away everything into one neat little package.

I said from the beginning it was a military person because of access to the guard shack, which is military property. The fact that no one and no cameras saw anything what so ever is just a little too neat.

There is more to come. the military needed a scapegoat to blame everything on and make the person look non-homophobic and more "just crazy", so that certain things would not be questioned, like DADT, and the gays that have been in the military for years. But they now will have to answer how such heinous crimes can be committed on miliraty property without any eye witnesses nor cameras. There is more that going to come out. Give it a couple of weeks.

The aunt was on to something. She didn'tjust saythat out of mid-air. The military just doesn't want to go down that road.

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