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21 July 2009



ROFLMAO @ butches it up


Rod, you were wrong for that.
I see no "gay".
I see two guys and two girls. What do YOU see?


This post was hilarious. "No homo, of course." lol


Glad to see Chris Brown is getting on with his life.


Geeez! Can someone make them go away? What does Omarion and Teyana do for a living? As for Chris Brown, it seems all the girls on black blogs(i don't know about other blogs) are falling all over him and calling Rihanna all kinds of names.SMH!

IF this guy-Chris Brown- came out and said he was gay his career would pretty much be over but bcoz its ok to beat 'hoes' as some obviously sick people put it, he might just as well salvage it with that (most probably) scripted and rehearsed apology.
Its an unbelievable society we live in *sigh*


In the second pic Omarion has a little bump in his drawers and for some reason I get a feeling he feels dejected.

King Drive

Didn't you mean "Glad to see Chris Brown is getting on with his post-beating-up-his-girlfriend life"?

And shame on the ghetto Tweeting sistahs (and black gay men) who want too "get up" with Chris Brown.

King Drive

Oh and one more thing....
CB, your abs really aint all that boo.

Is that why the photos are out of focus and in b&w?


Teyana Taylor is Cute! I didn't like her Google song, but she is a Cute girl. Chris and Omarion.... MEH!! Nice abs though, LOL! Glad he apologized, but we need a little more from Breezy. Maybe he can do one of those "Road to Redemption" shows like TI did! LOL!!


((In the second pic Omarion has a little bump in his drawers and for some reason I get a feeling he feels dejected.))


alicia banks

new breed

i am 45, i remember when young people used to be charmingly insecure...now they are all just repulsively conceited!


some of you have no forgiveness or compassion within you. i hope no one is keeping score of all things you have done, no matter how great or small the offense, that has hurt others.



I have compassion for Chris, but he could do a little more towards earning forgiveness. I hope he redeems himself through his future actions, but he needs to do a little bit more. He is a young and has so much more to learn about being a REAL man. If Chris was in his 30's or 40's I would ZERO compassion for him at all... ZERO!!


>>>some of you have no forgiveness or compassion within you.<<<

For teen R&B stars who are women beaters who bite and punch their girlfriends? And then take silly ab photos with two young women and a closet queen trying to look hard?

No I do not. I've done plenty ogf "things" in my life, but never repeatedly assault and beat anyone. Especially a loved one. But "we' don't have to forgive Breezy. Only God and Rihanna do.

Oh and Freeleo, really? Really? Are you going to start defending this felon and woman beater again? You were a few months ago.

Missed you in all the recent discussions on black gay men in church. Oh and August Provost, too..

Sean B

Teyana is hot and seems to have it together.

Hopefully she doesn't get involved with Breezy's punk azz.

But even Omarion likes Breezy's fake thug swagga. Black women and black gay queens like "real" men who use their fists instead of their brains.



hey does it look like Breezy's "abs" were photshopped?


If his abs were photoshopped I suspect they would look more defined, LOL! I mean his are better than most, but I have seen much better!



i am 45, i remember when young people used to be charmingly insecure...now they are all just repulsively conceited!
Posted by: alicia banks | 21 July 2009 at 13:44 >>>

Alicia Banks, you ain't lying. Are these young men supposed to be attractive? Ugh!! Rod, please post some grown men who aren't convicted felons.


Yeah I am not yet ready to forgive and forget what Chris Brown did especially because he has done nothing that suggests that he is truly sorry. That scripted 'apology' is all about getting his fans back out buying his records. Period!

His actions since beating up his girlfriend do not suggest that he gives a f**K.

But what is most alarming to me is the large number of people especially young females and young gay men that are willing to give him a pass because of his youth and perceived 'cuteness.'

I have seen women and gaymen lose their lives over domestic violence, because they were in love or couldnt get enuff of their abusers.

Chris has to show more in his actions than in his flowery words


compassion should have no expiration date or age limit. he did a terrible, terrible thing but he's 19 and has the attention span of a gold fish and way too much money. i hope he learns from his mistake but i don't expect him to sit up in a room staring at the ceiling. he's a teenager.

dalton, you are one hard dude. i also noted the lack of empathy you had for dr gate's dilemma and all i can say is, you live in a very lofty tower that is bound to fall hard. hopefully someone will show you some compassion when it happens.


LOL @ isis

you are cracking me up today


i didn't know he beat you up too nahtans. i'm sorry to hear that.


@Freeleo: Quoting you on Terrell Carter. Seems like you felt differently about the propsect of violence there...

"I wonder if Alex Cortez had to see through blackened eyes and the pain of a bruised body to post those pictures? hmmm..

I love living in L.A. I'm never surprised by anything.

Posted by: FREELEO | 07 July 2009 at 19:45

Not sure how to post links...

BTW, I think you are confusing "empathy" and "sympathy". I "empathize" with Rihanna and other victims of violence because I have seen it in my family, on the streets, with friends and even in one relationship. I "sympathize" with Chris Brown and other troubled young black men.

But as a grown black gay man, I'm not going to get twisted and start snapping on my fellow grown black gay men who choose not to indulge this behavior. You can feel however you want about CB, but that remark to Nahtans, who is always very eloquent imho, was un-necessary and shows your true colors.


I have this friend of mine.He has a thing for old white men(now i don't have a problem with that). The problem was most of them took him for granted and abused him, but he would just keep going back to the same abusive guy. It got to a point where it was getting self-destructive and we pretty much had to put him on a lock down.

My point is some women and gay men put up with violent/abusive guys and its these kinda people who'll say and do anything to protect women-beaters. Its all sad really. SMH


dalton, that post should show that i don't condone physical abuse done to any one for any reason. if chris' victim could spend time with him after the incident and move on with her life, then who are we to continue to persecute him?

no. the empathy i feel that should be expressed is for chris brown. a black man who made a mistake and hopefully will never do it again. i'm certain that you have made mistakes that you wish you could correct or had never made. so, no. i didn't use the word incorrectly.

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