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19 July 2009


Nathan James

The Navy has a vested interest in not permitting the public to know or think that there are gay sailors serving on their ships, or that DADT places these servicepeople in an impossible position. If this "person of interest" has nopt been formally charged after all this time, it's almost certain the Navy does not want this individual opening his mouth and saying disturbing things into the record for all to see.

I am almost positive the military is hoping this case will "die a natural death" in the media, and then they will quietly bundle this "person of interest" off to some remote psychiatric facility. Thanks, Rod, for seeing to it that this heartbreaking story stays alive. August Provost and his family deserve better justice than this.

Chris Cruz

This is a shame and a disgrace.

Every few days there are new twists and turns to this case.

It is very clearly this was not a "random act of kindness or violence!" This black gay man was killed for a personal reason.

Maybe it was a hate crime, maybe it was not. But Seaman August Provost served with dignity and deserves better! And I say this as a former Airman Second Class in the United States Air Force!

Crenshaw Boulevard

this new theory make sit even worse

shows how desperate the closet can be and how hurtful DADT is as a policy.


Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Provost was killed by a closeted gay man. This wouldn't be the first time that a closeted gay man struggling with his sexuality has attacked or killed another gay person. The two men who attacked me told police that they had planned on sexually assaulting me after they had taken me to another location. Even though they claimed to be straight, I would highly question that.

This is what self-hatred can do to others. Sadly, Provost had to suffer the consequences of such hate.


Thank you Rod keeping us abreast of this horrific ordeal. It's like an onion whereas one continues to peel the layers off of this situation, and we may never get to the true center of it because of military closets. Both the sexual and political ones.


In talking with other serviceman, the DADT criterion has been drastically reduced and if you’re using sexual orientation to be discharged from service has become more complicated. In fact, there has been and will continue to be folks who are openly gay in the armed services. Now, what is of concern which has been evolving across the board is the level of violence towards gays and lesbians, that’s emanating from our community. First, the blatant disregard for life, then the camaraderie of brotherhood that was once present in our community, regardless of sexual orientation. This should be a striking difference in social norms, which should be shocking and dismaying as the rhetoric elevated concerning same-sex unions and predispositions.


Wait a minute...wait wait wait...the part of the article I'm confused about is where it says:

"Under the military's failed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, if Provost reported the homophobic harassment, that would have been considered "telling" and lead to immediate discharge.

Wait wait wait...maybe I should've had that extra shot in my Starbucks this morning because I have to be misinterpreting that. Granted, I don't know everything about DADT, but are you telling me that by complaining that someone is harassing you by making gay comments they consider that "telling"?

So...what about guys who are a bit "soft" or have more feminine mannerisms who are not gay at all? Or just what about a damn man no matter what tendencies who is simply not gay. By reporting that you are being harrassed with language that is homophobic, thats "telling"? [edited/language]

Yes it is. Why you're entertaining hypotheticals when we're concerned with one very real and fatal case? Recap: If you are "gay" in the military it cannot be disclosed. If you "report" you are being "harassed" because you are "gay", that is "telling". If you were to "lie", it would be investigated and that could lead to more serious discipline (=dishonorable discharge, etc).

I've been saying this for three weeks because this is the underlying basis of DADT. Many people, including Reps. Filner and Jackson Lee, said so in previous R20 posts on this case. And please no graphic sexual language. -RM

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