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18 July 2009


Nathan James

What swayed the jury to convict in this case was the entire evolution of this killing. Evil attempts at witness tampering aside, the Syracuse DA had a mountain of evidence against DeLee. Kudos to Judge Walsh for giving the jury the hate crime enhancements. There need to be more forward-looking jurists like him, who appreciate the grievous nature of bigotry attending any assault on a human being.

I expect DeLee will get the full 25 years at sentencing. I hope the DA rolls up every single person who tried to threaten or otherwise coerce the trial witnesses. Let justice be their teacher, too.



Finally some justice for our transgender sister. SOOOOO glad that the jury could see throw all of the muck and mire to see that this dude meant to harm this woman because she wasn't what made him "comfortable." Maybe he'll get comfortable about a bunch of "real" men!


Well, I'm glad that justice was finally served. Although I'm curious as to why the jury thought that the killer had only intended to harm LaTeisha Green instead of kill her. I was always under the impression that when you point a rifle at someone with the intent of pulling the trigger, you know that there is the distinct possibility that you could kill that person. Oh well, at least the family is content with the verdict. Maybe his cellmates will drill a new hole in him and make him the "woman".


I'm glad to see that there is a guilty verdict. I hope this will be an ongoing trend, signaling that one cannot get away with murdering trans women.



Baltimore Femme

my internet has been down for part of week so i have missed a few of these stories about my beautiful black "t" sistahs.

okaay where to begin? so many emotions. i am so very very happy to see a conviction in this case. my black and latina trans sistahs and women have been abused, attacked and assaulted for far too long. and murdered! i am so glad that some 'justice' was served in this case. but it will not bring back beautiful lateisha.

on the other hand ... wow, an involuntary manslaughter conviction? what did he think would happen when shot the rifle? i can see why there was no murder conviction (it wasn't premeditated) but didnt he lure lateisha and her brother to party? surely he wanted some violence.

those feelings aside, we should be very proud that the hate crimes law was used here.

lateisha, i will say a prayer and light a candle for you.


I'm glad he was convicted of something, but 'Manslaughter'?!! Did he mean to tickle her with the rifle? Insanity!

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