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01 July 2009



I'm hungry.

Andy Niable

Just in time for LUNCH...


Very nice..like to know about this man !


his features are excellnt, i am sooo jealous. and workiing it for givenchy and CK you go boy!


Obviously we can have his lunch cause this child doesn't eat! Not that I'm complaining but damn...how DO you get to look like that?

Former COGIC

lol @ reggie

C'mon mman, you know what they say about those lean ones


The child doesn't eat? He isn't manorexic, he is lean without a lick of body fat. His figure is desired amongst most, I don't know why anyone would think he doesn't eat. He looks as if he takes in strenuous work outs, as he must in his field. That, coupled with his high metabolism and an understanding that a McDonalds value meal won't get him far in a white dominated industry equals his body type.

If you think he doesn't eat, check out the countless white male models --- who are usually 130-150 on a 6'0 or more frame --- that congest the high fashion runway. Henry and his Black counterparts, Dominique, Salieu, Ibrahim, Wendell, Keith H., etc, look great and healthy. Not every Black man is going to have a beer gut or " a little meat on their bones."

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