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09 July 2009



Sheila Jackson is a phenomenal woman!


Shot 3 times, gagged, bound and burned?

Doesn't that sound like a hate crime committed against a man who was clearly out of the closet though he never admitted it to the military?

Interesting how they (the military) didn't include what it would have taken to make that type of categorization.

It is quite obvious torture has been left off of the list.

King Drive

Since Seaman Provost was represented by Jackson Lee, this gives her a serious amount of power. If she feels the Naval investigation is not sufficient, she can call for a congressional investigation.


Thank you Rod for this update. Please keep us informed.


I cannot see how anyone can so quickly and nonchalantly conclude what happened is not hate-crime? Sans the gay thing, as a black man, being shot, gagged bound and burned is enough to get people to suspect racial hate crime.

So much for the code of camaraderie in the military.

Justin S

She gave a very moving speech about him on the floor yesterday. Sheila Jackson Lee does incredible work, im just mad at her for her support of HR 848!

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