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08 July 2009




Between her rousing comments at Michael Jackson's Memorial yesterday and this bold brave move, I am falling in love with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee!


Shane Moseley

Rod, I notice you have conspicusously avoided mentioning NBJC.


Kevin Perez

Let's see if August Provost gets the same amount of 50+ comments and the same amount of attention that the Tyler Perry movie actor is getting.

Sean Beasley

Thank you Rev Kev!

I love this woman and all of her brilliance!

Kevin Perez ... I would hope our community would be so active and engaged. Prob wont happpen tho

S. Flemming

Yeah I'm a groupie for her ever since that speech yesterday. That was soooo powerful. She seems like a real ally for the underdog.


Kevin, this one won't. Most readers of this blog doesn't seem to be concerned about the everyday people just the ones that are famous, semi-famous, or in Mr. Carter's case quasi-famous.

Anyways, this will bring some major light to this tragedy. However, it has be an energized efforted on a large number of members of the CBC that will get anything major with this investigation.


I've always LOVED Sheila Jackson Lee, OMG words can not express how much how inspirational she is to me. When I turn on BET and I see these so called role model for my generation I get sad because I know it's Women like Sheila who exemplify class and courage.

Steve McLean

Rod, I just discovered your great site and I am so embarrassed that this is the first I've heard about the Provost story. I'm a 52 year old white gay man who regularly consumes news in our daily paper in Philly, Huffington Post, Countdown with Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, the Advocate and more. Like Jena 6, this case seems to have escaped the spotlight of the 'white-centric' media. Is Nancy Grace outraged nightly about this (or is she still fixated on Natalie Holloway)? It's an outrage and a disgrace on so many levels. Sheila Jackson Lee is to be commended. Congressman Patrick Murphy from my region is an Iraq war vet who has just begun to lead the charge in congress to ovderturn 'don't ask, don't tell'. I'm notifying his office to make sure he is aware of this tragedy since, shamefully, I was not.

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