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01 July 2009



I would think Diana would be too old to carry for 3 kids. It's bad enough for Katherine who is older.

Grambling State

That seems like a typical Hollywood mentality and I agree with Kmark. Katherine has raised many children but is much older. Diana Ross never really wanted to raise any children and she is 60 something. ((SMH))

alicia banks

i love how he axed joe

mj got the last blow in their ongoing war

yay for mj!


This is beyond comprehension. Every day, no, every hour there is a new twist or turn.


He could have killed two birds with one stone by leaving those kids to Madonna, who actually seems to care about children. Diana was and is always about Diana.

*wondering why more black celebs don't adopt*


In fairness to Miss Ross, even her (many) detractors over the years have always had to admit that she's a very good mother. Her children were the only thing she put ahead of herself. Hell, she's raised five of them and nary a scandal about any of them. No drug problems, no arrests, no sex tapes, no flashing of the coochie. That's major success if the celebrity world. LOL

Crown Jewelz

I think more black celebs don't adopt because we actually give birth to and RAISE our own kids, rather than toss them into the hands of a nanny.

I'm just saying...

And does Madonna really care about kids? Or does she care about her own image? She reminds me of Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


Madonna wants black kids not white!!!

As far as Diana.... sex tapes and flashing coochies... Diana isn't 18y old. That type of thing did not reach media back in the 60's. Your comment didn't make any sense. As far as drugs and arrest... [cough].

I do not believe Diana raised her children. Diana was too busy being Diana.

Michael with kids.... his plan has backfired. Rowe hasn't been apart of the children's (2) lives, which would be strange for them for a period of time. I hope those 2 kids know MJ is not their biological father.


Kmark, too funny! But Miss Ross??? I would have thought that Janet would have been better, but, those people who raised Miss Ross's kids, since she was way too busy touring and just being Miss Ross to do it full time, did a good job as they are all productive members of society.

The saddest thing of all is all the spurious attacks from 'insiders,' gossip and innuendo behind this poor man in death makes what happened in real life seem tame so far and every day its an oddr day than the day before.


mjoinir202, i agree with you. ross' children apparently adore her and there is never hardly any type of scandal associated with any of her kids which is a great feat for such a public woman with five children. i also agree that at 64, she may not be up to the task of raising such young children. i believe he picked her because he saw ross as a good mother and a smart business woman who would make sure that his children were well taken care of.


I don't particularly understand the negative comments about Diana Ross. But since I wasn't raised around her or haven't spent any time with her, I don't know.


Say what you want, Diana Ross is quite a good mother, and worked for her career & raised her children at the same time. People are such...just, ugh. Lol.

But good for MJ, hopefully his wishes will be honored.-QH


Kmark, my comments were about Diana Ross' kids not herself. Say whatever, she did manage to raise five of them without much scandal. Yeah, she had help, but no more than any other celebrity or rich person. And, I agree with Freeleo, Michael probably chose her because he knows his daddy Joe and some members of his family and also know that Diana Ross is no pushover. Does anyone really believe anyone walks over or manipulates Diana Ross? Sometimes, it pays to to be a B*tch!

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

The arrogance of some commenters! How in the shady hell would Grambling State know if Diana Ross wanted to rear children? She had FIVE. If she didn't want any she could have prevented them from coming here. This on-going hate- fest of Ross by people who are small minded and stupid enough to believe the fodder for gossip columns is disgusting. By all accounts she has been a fabulous parent.
HIs selection of her after his mother speaks of his respect for her as a person and his feelings about her as an individual. She may or may not be willing or able.
THe ignorant posters who beleive they know how Ross reared her children are foolish. You don't know WHAT she did and to quote my grandmother probably haven't raised chick nor child. or even a thriving houseplant. The children uniformly praise their mother. I'd take their word over your suppositions any ol' day.

Former COGIC

You'd better work it out Cindy Birdsong and educate these young'ns!

Miss Diana Ross raised her children without scandal drama. The Ross children give their mother RAVE reviews. They are all sucessful and accomplished!

**raising my glass to Cindy Birdsong and mjolnir202**

Jackson 5 Forever

Rod...your blog is dripping with contempt for Mr. Joe Jackson...He raised and motivated his children to super stardom!!

Without them he would be nothing!!!

Try that on for size!!!

Honut SInti

I have to say, Cindy Birdsong's comment gave fierce snap!


Bravo Cindy!!


"...or even a thriving houseplant."


alicia banks

quincy jones is just the 1st to confirm that mj did not have vitiligo!!!

lisa was actually the 1st to do so


alicia banks

because mj's business was to be a poster child for white supremacy that has poisoned the minds of millions of demented black kids!!!!

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