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20 July 2009




So the reviewer looked at his body and his smile the entire show?! IS THAT IS FAULT OR HIS DESTINY!? LOL

Chitown Kev

T.O. has a girlfriend?

LOL. OK, whatevah

(Nice to be back here!)


Yeah, another Alabamian that is more of an embarrassment than another accomplishment. I highly doubt he is heterosexual either, but wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole because his mouth and stank attitude of self-entitlement.


@ kayman

You mean that you have never had sex with anyone with a horrible disposition and was full of himself but was great in the sack? I'm not talking about marrying the dude. And I doubt you know him beyond his public persona.


T.O. can be a cry baby, too cocky, a bama, etc. BUT damn he's hot (to me). His lips, smile, muscles ... now those two girlfriends with the horse weaves and cussing each other out ... NOT.


VH-1 is a hollow, burned out, crumbling shell of what it used to be. How is this have anything, like most of their programming from 2003 onward, have anything to do with "Video History First?"

Plus, TO is cute, but is attitude is yucky. I guess we live in strange times.-QH


Ugh!!! This person is so unattractive. Yeah, the body is hot, but the face is about a 2 and I just can't get it up for obnoxious, self-involved personalities. He'd probably would be lousy lay. Conceited people tend to be. They have no concern about your pleasure and often act like they're doing you a favor by getting naked. FAIL.


Only 60%? 80 is a good percentage.


A half naked TO for 60% of show.
What a tease! I'll be watching.


"I want a man who's man enough to put a ring on my finger"...AND he has millions in the bank,a palatial home,drive a top end luxury car,and he won't ask me to sign a pre-nup! She ain't marrying no broke-broke...If the guy was broke,homeless and walking the streets, but he offered to "put a ring on her finger", would she accept?


I STILL CAN'T GET OVER THAT PICTURE!! the man is just gorgeous...


i'm going to give this a look but if T.O.'s stank attitude pops up then it's gonna have to be a NO GO.

Or I can just watch it with the volume muted....


I'll be watching 60% of the time.


T.O. is the man and he fine azz he can be. so you haters need change careers on this one.


Well I saw the first show and it didn't seem like he was naked 60% of the time...much less than that in fact. He didn't strip until after the 1/2 hour point...I was disapointed.

On the other hand -- the show itself? What a hot ghetto mess LOL!


Ravenback, I actually do know him beyond his public persona. His high school alma mater plays my alma mater twice a year since they are in the same division. He's from the area I grew up in East Central Alabama, and I've had the displeasure of being in presence more than once. The man is an a-hole to describe him best.

And to answer your question, no I don't entertain arrogant guys because they never seem to stop focusing on themselves. Been there done that, and lesson learned.


Yeah I know he has a huge ego and bratty attitude...
But if he got me alone in a room and told me he wanted to get down my legs would go right up then part like the red sea...mmmmhmmmm!


@ kayman

Sounds like you had a personal relationship with Terrell Owens.

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