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01 July 2009


John Ozed

What a bunch of no nothing, do nothing hypocrites. I'm not surprised. In 1940's Europe they would have been called collaborators.

Alton C

"Funny. Don't recall any angry emails from the gay Republicans "blasting" the Bush Administration for gay-bashing their way to the midterm elections by proposing a marriage amendment."

Actually Rod, they didn't endorse bush in 2004 specifically because of the party's mobilization efforts around state-level ballot initiatives and the suggested federal amendment that demonized gay and lesbians.

They did write lukewarm statements defending McCain and Palin after Prop 8, but the organization and its membership donated and fought with the rest of CAs community to prevent passage of P8. I know it's easier to bash the right, but the Republican's never promise anything on GLBT issues, so they have nothing to apologize for nor do they have any need host propaganda tea parties. It's sad that's the way the party has positioned itself on GLBT issues, and that posturing will not change without people like the LCRs and GOProuds. As for your critique of their comments, they called the president on his hypocrisy and his BS, something all political observers love to do when the hypocrisy is attached to their partisan rivals.
"AC"/Alton C, you're being a revisionist, and not a very good one at that.

I know the LCR did not endorse Bush in "2004. I specifically said the 2006 MIDTERM elections. FWIW, we need a robust bi-partisan approach to gay rights but the LCR has done nothing but defend the party as it lurches rightward and steadily condemns gays. Should we discuss how the LCR "welcomed" Michael Steele? Oh and I noticed you deliberately did not comment on each linked instance of the LCR defending McCain and/or Palin. There are many more, just check the McCain or LCR archives.

Oh and I think anyone accusing me of being an Obama "partisan" must be smoking something or brand new to this blog. But nice try. Oh and thanks for commenting on politics, you usually comment on porn stars. -RM

alicia banks

lc republikkkans prove one thing incessantly:

racism and elitism always trump sexuality!

think they should just give obama kudos for his fancy and meaningless gay smoke and mirrors instead...


Alton C

Note, "nothing to apologize for" obviously does not reference hateful Republicans and their efforts, i meant these particular republicans who organized a group to specifically address bigotry on gay & lesbian issues within their party. As for them being collaborators, check and see who's funding gay rights organizations.

Chris Cruz

>>>They did write lukewarm statements defending McCain and Palin after Prop 8<<<

So they really didn't "mean" to defend them? And if they fought Prop 8 and gave money why defend their losing neo-con masters?

What a tool. Go j/o over photos of Rudy Giuliani.

Andy Niable

What next, a posthumous medal of valour for Roy Cohn?


To Rod: I'm impressed you responded personally. I don't usually comment on politics just because most people don't want to read/hear my spin if they don't have to (porn stars are less controversial). I did try to post a question on the recent Voting Rights post, but it didn't work. Nevertheless, the point of my comment was not that they should have defended McCain and Palin, rather to highlight their action around the Prop 8 issue. Additionally, why are we parsing defenses of politicians who ultimately all express the same level of support for same-sex marriage and the same process by which it can be prevented? My comment about the partisan slant on your blog was not about you being an "obama" partisan, as much as a democrat or left leaning partisan, which i stand by.

I agree that a 'robust, bi-partisan' approach is the best and only way to ultimately win in the mainstream, i don't think any such real effort can emerge when there is so much hate for those republicans who are openly working to advance equality (see the comment streams on all your links that i didn't comment on and the rest of the scholarship that will follow here), let alone the bigoted majority in the party.

Anyway, thanks for the reply and the posts, I enjoy your site and may just venture out from the pretty boys to comment on politics more.


Paying any attention to the Log Cabin Republicans is a waste of time and space. Their attack on Obama is predictable and un-newsworthy, in line with the Republican Party's knee-jerk, predictable and reactionary anti-Obama politics, with obvious white supremacist undertones and blatant political-economic elitism. It is absolutely impossible to fight heterosupremacy and belong to the Republican Party simultaneously-- which explains the perpetually suicidal existence of the LCR.

alicia banks

parties = window dressing

and window dressing has never won any war



So I guess the Log Cabin's are upset that THEY didn't get an invitation to the cocktail sip?

Others have made similar points about Obama's words vs Obama's actions. I think the best thing he said was to judge him by his actions. I'm hoping he at least has the military stop DADT discharges while they work toward an end to the policy, for example.


Well said ReggieH.

Terry Hamilton

Log Cabin hopes that the Obama Administration will end the DADT policy now. If they do not, then they will be forced to defend the terrible policy in court. Our 4+ year lawsuit continues next week. See details at www.LogCabin.org Terry Hamilton, National Chairman, Log Cabin Republicans.

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