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07 July 2009


I Aim to Please

wow. just wow.

Tony DR


Nathan James

Why are all the gorgeous hunks like Terrell Carter always getting involved with CRAZY? Whatever happened between him and Alex Cortez, outing Carter out of spite is wrong and crazy.

It seems to be a recurring theme in gay life--I know two other hunky guys who both got burnt by unstable exes.

But Terrell is beautiful, (as if he would ever look twice at me...rolls eyes...lol!) thanks for the eye-opening pics, Rod.

Aaron P

Terrel Carter was in Tylers Perry’s first movie, he played the preacher.

I can't say i'm surprised, I didn't really think he was gay just his voice and body is soooooo damn sexy.

Lang B

This is so dispicable. I mean REALLY- do people need to go to such lengths to try to hurt others? I mean is Terrell a homophobe that these images needed surfacing?

Cute couple though.:)


I know this guy's face but didn't remember his name.

I wonder what will happen to his career, since it mostly has been as singer/sex object on the church and chitlin circuit.

But such a beautiful man and yeah looks like he had mad love for Rican shawty.


Evil! Exposing (what I already heard from another actor) isn't solving your issue with him. Remember there is such thing as KARMA!

This is why people don't get involved. Who wants to be bothered with the drama.

Of course I don't know if Terrell did something to Alex.

Alex if you need just a hook-up (you look like a btm to me) then hit me up.


Really a shame.
The ex should be ashamed of himself, to be perfectly honest. It was such a hateful thing to do. For one, I'm not surprised. For two, it doesn't make him look good. And for three, if Terrell wasn't "out" then as a fellow GAY MAN, his ex-boyfriend should have respected it.

These pictures could potentially hurt his livelihood. His primary audience is "the black church". Who's to say his family even knew?

S. Flemming

I think most of the dudes that Tyler Perry recruits are gay, so this isn't a surprise.

Crenshaw Boulevard

Rod, I was wondering why you never mentioned the that Dorion Standberry drama. And now this, Wow.

Such a beautiful man and couple, and to be taken down by someone he once trusted and loved. Look at kissing pic, he wasn't even trying to hide.

Terrell's voice is amazing to it matches his body, also amazing. So sad.

Craig merkey

A little sad his trust was violated, secrets can be hard to cover up. If we all felt like we could live free and honest people's sexuaity would not matter. The conservative's would have one less pice of BS to hide behind. Homophobia hurts everyone.


Shameful. But u get what u pay for!


it’s always the fine ones with all the body


Dayumn, dayumn, dayumn!
Man this man is HAWT.

And his voice can raise the roof!


I wonder if Alex Cortez had to see through blackened eyes and the pain of a bruised body to post those pictures? hmmm..

I love living in L.A. I'm never surprised by anything.


(1) From my experiences in LA, I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't happen every day. People are so desperate to succeed there, many folks will step on their mama to get ahead.

(2) I wonder if these pictures were taken on the sly. In the 1st pic he looks asleep; in the 2nd one he looks groggy and half asleep.


Oh, Terrell is very gay. I assumed he was open. I have had an encounter with him and he hangs is west hollywood quite often. I'm surprised this is a surprise.


I wouldn't have been hurt at all if you had chosen to sit on this story. I have no doubt that scheming little beyatch planned this from day one. The pictures, especially the top one in the bed with him (terell) clearly asleep and his snake pretending to be.

It is hard to accept that you are no longer going to fly first class and have someone else sign for the check for the $2k, 5 star meal and $1200 per night hotel room anymore.

I must close admitting I would love to see the pics he is offering though I be gosh darned if I would pay to see them.

Kevin Perez

I'm more curious to know what happend between him and Cortez that caused him to "snap".

Kevin Perez

Oh, and I hope the "Black Church" gets a fata$$ reality check about who they chose for poster children for themeselves, as well ass the Black women who believe "he don't look ghey!"


well girls..this serves as a lesson for you:


yes, it's tacky and trifling as hell of Alex to do this, and i will TOTALLY believe that he did this maliciously in an effort to boost his own nonexistent career as a "model" (boo, the ONLY modeling you'll do is for Enrique Cruz Productions, Latino Fan Club, and Cocodorm/Cocoboyz, Inc. you are DELUDING yourself into believing *YOU* have a shot at walking a runway, getting a print campaign, or a commercial)

it's sad...i mean, whatever terrell did, wasn't EVEN worth you outing him...you had NO reason at all to do this...

and this will backfire on you also, I am sure it will...


co-sign Kevin Perez

Tyler Perry hires gay actors which is great!


I think this is so sad, that an ex would be SO pissed that he'd splash these photos across the internet. The photos are really touching, and show a couple in love...that it has been twisted into hate is just depressing.

In my dreams, I'd love to see Terrell say "Yes I'm gay, so what?" and keep on keeping on.
Sadly I doubt that this will happen (particularly with Perry, who's got his own closet to deal with), but THAT would show some real maturity by the black and acting communities.

BTW there does seem to be a 'code of silence' that allows some people to be semi-out and go to clubs and hang with the boys, just so long as they don't actually 'come out'


I have always thought outing people was _____ and this is no different. Revenge is for petty people, if Carter really hurt this guy then he should deal with it like a man and not some teenage psycho ___ and start showing their personal pics online.

Please do NOT use profanity. Thanks -RM


I was reading about this on MTO and the comments (as Rod said) were HORRIBLE! Their is very little support for Gay men in the Black community. It should come as no shock that he was trying to keep certain aspects of his life private. We all know that now his career is going to suffer even though he is an AMAZING talent! All that will be erased in so many peoples eyes, he will now be referred to as that Gay guy in the Tyler Perry movie/play! Its AWFUL they way we treat these men. I am a Straight Black Woman, but I have LOVE for my Gay Brothers! I will stand up for yall as long as I can breath! I will pray that Terrell will be an exception. I pray that he will rise above this pettiness and become even more powerful. I hope he does not become reclusive and give up on his dreams. I hope he fights for his dream and tells ALL the nay sayers to kiss his BEAUTIFUL BLACK ASS!! Keep your Head Up Terrell, I love your voice and your acting and I will still support you no matter what!

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