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15 July 2009



Marion Barry is a buffoon and an embarrassment. The only time I had sympathy for him was when he was caught by the FBI smoking crack with a prostitute. I felt that arrest represented a gross abuse of police powers. He was essentially nabbed for being a drug addict. The prostitute was a friend of his that dangled drugs in front of his face. A crack addict won't turn down anyone offering crack. Even some conservatives didn't like what the FBI did.

With all of that being said, he is messed up in the membrane. He is still a crook and a fraud -- whether or not he's on drugs. That will never change. If it were true that a gay councilman is causing problems for Marion, then more power to him. It's about time to collect names and begin to scratch people off the list one by one. This is a war, and it must be fought hard and dirty, taking no prisoners. I just wish that the people of DC would stop voting for this clown. Hasn't he screwed up enough?

Nathan James

When in doubt, deny. When in trouble, blame the gays. That's Marion Barry's current playbook.


OMG! I just had a idea for a Great and Highly Comical Broadway Play! Sarah Palin and Marion Barry to star in "Boo Boo and the Fool"! I'm gonna start writing it now.

I don't know which one I'm more tired of, LOL!!


lol @ isis

both of them are fools imho





alicia banks

i hate this crackhead fool nearly as much as i hate obama

see the latest broken promise and gay betrayal and gwb cloned move by obama




Marion Barry is a mess!

I am a DC native and he's always up to something stupid.

But here's the real T. Barry got in bed with opposition to a vote that THE ENTIRE COUNCIL was in agreement with EXCEPT FOR HIM and he wants to blame the gay for HIS ethics scandal. But here's the deal Marion: IF HE DID DO IT, ITS POLITICS!!! You can't bite the hand of people who are in conjunction with behind the scenes and then change your vote and your voice to get in bed with someone else and not expect repercussions, can you?

You do know how to spell repercussions, Councilman Barry? It's spelled:


It's about time somebody stood up to you and your gutter street politics and poor-people-pimpin'! It's Catania was the one who was FINALLY MAN ENOUGH TO STAND UP AGAINST YOU AND YOUR "I RUN DC" MENTALITY, THEN THATS MY KIND OF MAN!!!


Barry was all with the gays when he needed the votes. Now today he is singing a different story. Rev. Wilson of Union Temple distance himself far from Barry when he was getting ready to run again. You would think he would have been in Barry corner after all Barry did for him when he was Mayor of DC. The funny thing is like they say Kama is a b!tch and it will come back and bite ya. I am going all the way with Councilman Catania.

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