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11 July 2009


Kevin Perez

The Internet is great way to reveal or hide one's true colors. People now adays are vile vermin and quite disgusting. Biblical quotes? LMAO at military folk talking about morals and that BS.

I wonder, with incidents like this and comments on there, is proof enough this is not post-racial America.


This is such a horrible tragedy.

I seriously hope for justice in the case of a member of a military killed by a fellow servicemen.

Oh and it's took bad this topic (and the AIDS protest) get very little attention unlike not-so-closet queen Terrell Carter's outing .... or what type of shirt Rod wore to the movies. tsk, tsk

Greg G

Rod, thank you thank you for staying on this story. I continue to offer prayers for August Provost and his family.

This must be a horrible time for them and the USN "investigation" isn't making it any better. There should be much more respect for a man who was willing to lay down his life for our country.

@ Dalton: You're not the only one to notice that. The AIDS protest was an orphaned post, but HIV rates are highest in our community. I guess this is the cyber equavalent of denial...? Much more attention is given to the A&F shirt Rod wore to "Bruno". Oh and I love the sarcasm Rod gets in comments, TW and FB and the queens get upset that he serves it right back at them.

Sean Beasley

Cannot believe these people are throwing bible quotes after a sailor is killed in uniform.

Wait a minute. yes I can believe it.

a shame and a disgrace.


It is quite sad to read racist and homophobic comments about the brutal murder of an American warrior. People like to talk about patriotism, but only when it's convenient for them. There has been plenty of racism on display today. I was just perusing the comments about President Obama's trip to Ghana on the Huff Po. It was a full and unadulterated display of America's racism and intolerance. And whenever I read a story about a gay issue, the homophobes takeover the threads.

And Dalton and Greg, you are right about the lack of attention certain stories get. Sometimes there are only 3-5 comments on a story about serious issues. But on the Terrell Carter story, there were posts from people that I've never heard from before. But you can tell by the type of comments they make as well.


@ Ravenback: "It is quite sad to read racist and homophobic comments about the brutal murder of an American warrior. People like to talk about patriotism, but only when it's convenient for them."

That's the biggest problem I have with social conservatives and many of our black churches. They talk about patriotism, community and service, but only under their circumstances. August Provost was an American hero and warrior, as you said. He did not deserve to die like this and he didn't deserve the news blackout.

I am shocked more black "civil rights" organizations and churches aren't speaking out very loudly.

As far as the attention deficit disorder...it is always unfortunate when very serious issues are ignored. I also noticed all those comments from people who I never heard of before...maybe they read all the time and just can't connect with real stories like this. Those type of folks come out in droves on Tyler Perry posts and stories about the black church.


very glad to hear sheila jackson lee is on this. she is one of my sheroes.

peace to the family and god bless them during this crisis. RIP august provost


I'm very confused. How can they hold a suspect in custody this long without charges being filed?

"Persons of interest" are not considered suspects until charges are filed. Also, the military does not adhere to civilian rules of evidence and trials. -RM


I don't understand the fools that continue to deny the TRUTH behind August's murder. If it wasn't a hate crime, what the hell could it have been? I don't buy that "random act of violence" bull for a second. Breeders are so annoying. I love how they take on this stance of selective ignorance when faced with gay issues such as this. August's superiors aren't stupid; they knew what was going on in the camp, but they turned a blind eye and deaf ear to it.

@ Talarico

I don't know why you are shocked. Black gay men are the least of the Black church's worries.


Talarico, you are absolutely right about our so-called black "civil rights" organizations. They are not making enough of a fuss about this. We have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson whoring themselves in front of the media over Michael Jackson's death because all eyes will be on them. But I haven't heard anything from them. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise. But just a few days ago, the story of the 60+ Black and minority kids who were kicked out of a private swimming club in Philadelphia that took their $1900 before they knew that they weren't white. Where is the civil rights groups' anger and disgust? When I saw one black kid eloquently wonder why they were treated that way while tears were rolling down his face, I couldn't hold back my tears. He said he thought this type of thing was in the past. He wondered what did they do to deserve this treatment. The fight for racial and social justice continues on.

Lang B

Treacherous. May he rest in peace and may the murderer(s) live in turmoil.


What Talarico and Ravenback said.

The problem is with our own black people. If we were more OPEN HEARTED, OPEN MINDED, and COMPASSIONATE, gay men, lesbians and transgenders could be OUT and be accepted for who they are. PEOPLE!

Look at what happened in Queens the other day with the "T" sistah. Then look at our own comments! We must learn to love another even in our own LGBT community.

Too many gay brothas reading this blogs can't "relate" to real stories like this. They have been taught to be ashamed of themselves and their sexuality, and they respect that when seen in other men. They have a difficult time relating to us brothaz who are out, not ashamed or not afraid.

Nathan James

I think there is going to be some explaining for the Navy to do when the NCIS discover the means and motive for this horrific murder. I would be loath to conclude that this was NOT a hate murder, given Provost's long history of persecution and harrassment.

The Navy will--trust me on this--back away from its statement that this was a "white supremacist" killing, primarily because the military does not want the public to know that its service branches might harbor such extremists. The hate-killing theory will resurface, especially if any suspects caught use the "gay panic defense"...

I hope each and every person responsible for Provost's death is punished as harshly as the Uniform Code Of Military Justice provides. I still maintain, that if Provost is found to have been murdered for being gay, the entire Navy Department is an accessory before and after the fact. So, too, are all those who continue to permit homophobia to be official military policy.


I can't believe anyone is denying that this is a hate crime. This murder was overkill. That only happens when someone truly, truly personally hates you. And, if this is just random then the police should be looking for a serial killer in the making because only homicidal maniacs "randomly" do such things.

The military has been infiltrated by a number of hate groups and gang members and this has not been reported nearly enough by the mainstream media. Most journalists seem to be too frightened to dig deeper for fear they will be called unpatriotic and accused of not sufficiently loving America. Instead we get articles about amorphous "Freedom" while DADT remains firmly in place.

Rod, thanks for pointing out the irony that because of DADT, Seaman Provost might have been the one disciplined and drummed out of the military for reporting harassment to his superiors. What an Evil policy. I hope the larger gay community rallies around this horrible murder, but I'm not holding my breath. Afterall, he's not a young, blond Abercrombie and Fitch wannabe. I hope I'm proven wrong.


This frightens me. It really does, because as many strides as we have made a black GLBTs, this stuff still happens.

I'm all for not living in fear, but it just makes you very scared of what lies out your front door for you just being different from someone else.-QH

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