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20 July 2009



That is exactly what I was thinking. What exactly constitutes "serious enough" if not this? The things done to this Seaman are things that are done to Prisoners Of War (POWs). How is this not considered "serious enough"? I am outraged by that comment alone.

A military person killed and dumped onto military land, and possibly (because nothing is confirmed) by military personnel.

The military is trying to make this situation die a slow anonymous death, so that the underbelly of all that this points points to (DADT, mental state of new recruits, ability to commit crimes on military land without an overseer, ect.). They want this gone and they feel they can wait it out like I'm sure they have done for many other negative situations that has happened under their watch.


The way the Navy is handling this really makes me wanna smack someone. Shouldn't they have cameras trained all over the base?
Also, the spokespersons seen on TV always seem so uncaring to me.
This story, like too many, just hurts my heart. We must continue to advocate for justice!


Rod, you are really doing an incredible job on this case. Please keep up the good work.

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