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31 July 2009



Here we go again. When will it ever end? Can't say for sure what the motive was behind his murder, but the signs are all too familiar. If he was being harassed because of his dressing up as a woman, I wouldn't be surprised. Apartment complexes are famous for overly nosy neighbors. I used to live in one when I first branched out on my own, and I hated it.

How many more LGBT people have to die before people get outraged? Unfortunately, the LGBT community is the only group getting mad, and the black LGBT folks are often MIA from the shouting and mobilizing.


Until now, violent crimes against LGBT people have always (to my knowledge) been committed by males. Now we're being murdered by women!

I wonder what variation on the "gay panic" defense the women will use.

Kevin Perez

I'm sorry but if he was killed because of the way he was dressed it just convinces me that African Americans and other ethnic minorities believe they have some special entitlement to "hate" LGBT, especially their own, belittling them, scapegoating them and even treating them as if their beneath them. It's very elitest way of thinking and there I say "White". And the sick way of thinking is many c*nts actually will aruge the same damn gay panic defenses, quote religious scriptures and the whole "he/she brought this upon themselves", "if he/she went to church, this would've never happend!"

You know what's sad too? Heterosexual Blacks (and possibly Latinos or other POC) will complain about media coverage and the like of racism and being biased against Blacks and other POC but if the victim is a LGBT Black individual or POC, Black media and etc... turn to a blind eye and simply ignore it. That's a reality of things. Seldom you see LGBT crimes on the news, so the chances of you seeing crimes commited against LGBT of color.

If you're a feminate LGBT Black man, you're life has little to value to the White majority or the people in your own "community". If you're a Black lesbian butch with physical disablities in a inner city, lets face it, the entire world hates your existence and transexuals and the like simply are just a pile of sh*t on the social ladder. It seems that if you're LGBT in the Black community, you're just that, "ghey", your existence as human being, person of color who deals with the same issues that Heterosexual Blacks deal with, goes out the window and you become everyone's whipping boy whether it be the White ruling elite, the White gay elite, heterosexual Blacks and other POC, and even people within the gay community that hate themselves and need to put fems "in their place" for challenging ridiculous concepts of male masculinity and femnisism,

BTW, isn't funny how all this LGBT violence is basically Black on Black violence? Why doesn't Black media cover stories like this? Hmmmmm>>>>

Tyler Anthony

Kevin Perez those ethnics should include Italian-Americans, they have similar strong ideas about LGBT individuals. Italian/Sicilians are very much similar in to AA and Latino peoples as far as Male/Female ideas, religious motivations, communal beliefs

Kevin Perez

I disagree. Then I would have to include the Irish too. I do see the similarties but the Irish and Italians traded some of their culture aspects to become "White" in America and what better to show "assimilation" than hating on Blacks and other minorities. Italians are also from the same region where the Spanish and Portuguese are from and they're all Roman Catholic.

My point is that these specific minority groups historically have been the poster children of discrimination for some time now and the discrimination within commmunities against LBGT is severely downplayed and sugar-coated a lot. And again, they're considered a different entity altogether. Sorry, can't say I agree.


One theory I read elsewhere about this latest tragedy is that "Beyonce" (and actually, I read it was "Eyonce" that he called himself, after Beyonce) was involved, or rumored to be involved with the boyfriend of one of those stabbing bitches, and this was the "punishment" they felt he deserved.

Wonder what they did to the boyfriend? Not a damn thing, probably, and whichever hoe it was is probably still with him. Hoodrats, and the Ghetto mentality they live with.

Jamel Smith

This is very sad news. There is no excuse for how some black people treat gay and transgender people. They know how terrible prejudice is. Yet, it seems to me that black folks go a step further than white folks.

Kevin Perez

And those within the Black community get the worst treatment. They're dehumanized all over again. I can't help but laugh whenever I hear Black Americans talk about the "community" and unity because I always believe who they are really refering to are "the Black(Heterosexual, Christian, Muslim God-fearing, Gender-conformist, gaybashing, gayhating, thuggish, gangsta, Afrocentric, wannabe Black miliants/libertation thelogians) community".

I don't think LGBT Blacks are considered part of the "family" or "struggle" or "community" cuz they just ghey.


How sad, another tragic loss of life due to hate. And, even worse, black and Latino's get the short end of the stick from ALL segments of society when it comes to being Trans and murdered, no one cares it seems, straight, gay, white, black or otherwise. How many times has this same story, different name been posted here? And, so far, only one case was solved and the killer jailed in the case of LaTeisha Green and Angie Zapata,the rest are unsolved. Hopefully Beyonce is at peace and somehow the killer will be caught.


I wonder how many people stood by and watched as this young person was attacked by these brutal women...

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