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10 July 2009



I love when people ask the "torpedo" question that sinks someone's battleship. A simple question that asked him what if his daughter was a lesbian brought forth an answer that told us everything we need to know. De Jesus should stay in the church and stay out of politics.


The is clearly a political payoff that Daly HAS to see already is a mistake waiting to happen. What more proof is needed?

I am sure it's a safe bet to say that were Mr. Daly's father still alive he would advise his son to use common sense and pick someone else.

He clearly has the "wealth" of his congregation in his pocket but does not understand that he has to represent ALL who come under his district. I pity an incident of gay bashing on his "turf" and he has to make a comment on it, though I am sure the soon-to-be gay bashers think differently and welcome his appointment.

Derrick from Philly

Idiot. Doesn't he know that if he goes into politics that they might investigate how much money he's swindeled from his New Life Convenent flock. And without his stash from the collection plates where will he make the extra money to pay for specialty hookers (you know, the kind like Jimmy Swaggert had to do "special stuff")?

Then again, we're talkin' about Chicago politics? You can't be too honest and come out of Chicago city polit...oh, shoot! Let me shut up--quick.


I was one of 30 people who attended a meeting at La Bruquena restaurant a few weeks ago with Pastor De Jesús, which included mostly Puerto Rican representatives of different community organizations that deal with LGBTQ issues. Sadly, the vast majority of those who attended did not live in the 26th Ward. Interestingly enough, it was from those who did not live here that questions about important community issues like gentrification, the development of Paseo Boricua, violence, and education ...etc were absent. It was from those activists who live and work in this community, who organize LGBTQ events (which most of De Jesús' discontents do not attend), and fight homophobia and transphobia on a daily basis in the schools, programs, and institutions of Humboldt Park, that a real dialogue took place. Please name an evangelical pastor who would meet with a group of LGBTQ leaders? Which evangelical pastor would explain herself/himself on hers/his beliefs to such a group? Which evangelical pastor would support the construction of a gay homeless shelter in Humboldt Park that Vida/SIDA is doing? None, except for Pastor Choco!

Read more at my blog: xaviersrevenge.blogspot.com

Kevin Perez

So the the LGBT community should just take this BS, Xavier?

We should forget our priorities for the sake of the community? In that case, screw you! LGBT are considered scum and look down upon in Puerto Rican/Latino communities. Why help a group of people that pretend that we don't exist and treat us as if were beneath them. Face it, people like you and the those who support him don't give a rat's @$$ about the LGBT. Don't try to justify his BS.

I'm afraid you're the only that doesn't get it. You're forgetting about the inflammatory statements he made about LGBT harrasing for, straight virgins. A common belief in Latino/Puerto Rican communties that were sex-starved maniacs. A homophobe like you seems to pretend that LGBT folk are lesser than than those who are not and we should be grateful for this SOB? So what if he "listened"? I can guarantee you he's going to screw us over. LGBT PEOPLE are the ones who struggle an die for US everyday to to MAKE US feel welcomed in our own communties, not you or any religious insitutions.

On the contrary, people like you tell us we should "be grateful" and ignore the ridiuclous homophobia and machosim in our communities. LGBT are part of the community as well. People like you probably accuse us angered by this man's bigotry as being "intolerant" because, again, we won't stand for this BS.

The man is letting his sh*tty religious views affect his postion. You and every other Puerto Rican/Latino that tells us otherwise, are telling us to be silent, that forget about the existing problems with LGBT and pretend this man's "religious views" won't affect us being screwed over but it's okay as long as others in the Puerto Rican community aren't being screwed over, right? Sacrafice the LGBT, their struggles and needs for the better of the Latino/Puerto Rican community in Chicago and judmental religious bigots like the man you're masterbating over. After all, none of the issues that affect Latinos/Puerto Ricans affect the LGBT Latinos, huh?

But I understand, everyone needs a scapegoat. And more importantly, we should know our place. I can say now that you, this pastor and the Latino/Puerto Rican community in Chicago with this way of thinking can go straight to Hell, if it exists. If it does, I'l see you there, along with religious followers of this man.

From Kevin, a Boriqua in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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