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22 July 2009



Wow. Just wow.
This sounds like a cold blooded execution to me. And a nazi and white supremacist? Oh hell naw!


another gay panic defense?


We all have to be careful who we develop crushes on these days... this is so sad really!


The Newsweek article was indeed very disgusting. It portrayed little Larry King as an aggressive gay seductress and sexually harrassing the boys. That was a low point in journalism.


This country needs to invest a lot more time and money in mental health. I'm sure there were signs that pointed towards a troubled soul in McInerey. Everyone is always so shocked and surprised when these acts of evil and violence occur. But people shouldn't be because there were tell-tale signs. What were the parents doing about their son? What were the teachers doing about this boy? The problems were allowed to build until it exploded, and Lawrence King died. This cycle of bullying, harassment, and hatred needs to be put to rest. And the only way to stop it is with aggressive intervention. We can't just wish or pray it away.

Anthony in Nashville

This case is a mess on many levels.

The shooter's life is ruined due to the parents' hateful beliefs and/or lack of oversight of his activities.

The victim had an unstable background as well and even in these "more tolerant times," I don't know what he was thinking by messing with boys like that.

The school sat back and watched the whole thing escalate.



You both addressed such vile details in this case.

The school sat back and watched, knowing that this was going to end horribly. As for what the victim was thinking, he was thinking he could just be himself. Just like the dude who got killed for revealing his crush on a dude on JENNY JONES SHOW, this young man thought he could just say he liked somebody and it wouldn't cost him his life. He was 15. Unfortunately, he may not have known the world he lived in beyond his own walls. The killer's family/parents should be held accountable, given his access to guns and his young age.

The Newsweek article was ridiculous and biased and sad and one-sided and homophobic!

Lawrence King's young life should never have ended and over this level of adult-negligence, jail-time should be had by ALL!

Anthony in Nashville


I agree that all the adults abdicated their responsibility when it came to those children.

If someone with sense had stepped up and intervened this probably would not have happened.

As troubling as the Newsday and LA Times articles are, it sounded like King was doing more than just "saying he liked somebody." I went to school with several "bold" gay kids who didn't do the things King was alleged to have done. Maybe I am just getting old and not understanding how the children get down these days.

It all comes back to adults not putting their foot down and taking control of an explosive situation.

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