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29 July 2009



Props to Congressman Hastings for having the conviction to take a stand on DADT. This really is a slap in the face of the lgbt community. The White House will invite a few for a 40th Stonewall photo op, but when it comes to REAL policy to benefit lgbt people, the White House heads in the other direction.

75 percent of Americans support openly gay service members in the military. So what are Obama and the White House afraid of? What kind of ideal condition are they waiting on? This is the main reason I no longer donate to the Democratic Party. They will take gay money but give you nothing in return.


I understand that Obama cant solve every problem out there in his first 6 months in office but this seemed like a no-brainer. I'd like to hear from Obama about this, but I'm not sure he'll have anything to say....


Everyone always asks me why I don't go into politics but I literally cannot STOMACH politics. Politics is how people like Sarah Palin can be nominated for VP of the United States and become Governor of a State in the Union. Politics is why Healthcare is going to get derailed. Republicans object to it and the American public is now feeding into the lies. In politics you don't need an alternative solution just saying "no" is good enough. Politics is how a congressmen can submit a measure to make the President apologize for saying the word "stupid" even when the police acting stupidly and arrested a man for something that was not illegal. Politics is why 27% of people agree with Sgt. Crowley while 11% agree with Gates. Politics is why DADT can stand because Obama cannot "risk" any political capital by forging through with it. Politics is why Prop 8 passed. Politics is why the Government steps in to save companies it deems are "to big to fal" but no one asks if they are "to big to exist". Politics is why Sonya Sotomayor arguably one of the most qualified persons to come before the courts can repeatedly be told she still needs to prove that she "measures" up. It's really disgusting if you ask me. I know someone could argue point for point that politics has done a lot of good but increasingly lately I am not convinced. The Presidents approval rating is dropping, Healthcare reform is slipping through the crack. I am from FL and rep Alcee Hastings is an honorable man. It's a shame that hes lost out to politics.

Derrick from Philly

Is the delay all the President, or do Conservative Democrats and the President's Chief of Staff have some say in this also? It's disappointing.

No, gay and Lesbian service members (and discharged gay service members) should not have to suffer because of politics; but obviously, Rahm Emmanuel has told the President, "we can deal with the gay backlash...for now."


Cong. Alcee Hastings, a FAMU Law grad, will definitely be bringing this back up if the administration and Democratic leadership don't.

Believe me they don't want him on their ass.

Chitown Kev

@Derrick From Philly

Given this statement by Hastings and Maxine Waters' statement specifically fingering Rahm on health care, I agree with you. Rahm is being targeted (with good reason, I might add).


I hope that Anthony Woods (10-California) is allowed to make a name for himself in this issue. . YOu know that there is an attempt to stop an openly black gay leader? Name 1?


For a long time, I have been disappointed about Pres. Obama's apparent refusal to act on DADT. An online article I saw at this site: http://citizenchris.typepad.com/citizenchris/2009/07/how-to-repeal-dadt.html

may be a good explanation. Let's not lose hope yet.



That's why we need people like YOU to get in there, so polictics isn't full of tenacious sociopathic egotistical b*stards!

@ Kev/Philly

Hasn't Rahm always been an issue? Esp with Gays?? Wasn't it Barney Frank who complained about him a while back when they were both working for Clinton??

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