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24 July 2009



Whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? OMG!!!!! How????

anthony davis

If this information is in fact true I can tell you that it has hit me like a ton of bricks.I just finished reading, " Basketball Jones" and I was so looking forward to his next book.This is truly, truly devastating news,I am deeply saddened.


i jus can't believ this

Anthony in Nashville

Damn this is a surprise!

Did he have longstanding health issues?


OH HELLLL NO! WTH! Heck no! OMG! E. Lynn?! I have never been so hurt by the death of a person I didn't know personally.


What the hell is going on with July 2009?!

Condolences to his family.

alicia banks



i know you will keep us posted

Lang B


alicia banks

i live in ar

and i had never heard he was ill


Taylor Siluwé

wow. so much loss this year. i'm speechless.


This is very sad news. I met E. Lynn while he was still selling books out of the trunk of his car. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a great laugh.

Whether you enjoyed his writing or not, he was a very important part in getting our stories told. His commercial success made it harder for publishers and editors to say that people wouldn't buy a book with black sgl characters in it.

Thank you E. Lynn Harris!


If true we have lost a pioneer that opened doors for so many. This has been quite a month.


I felt deeply saddened by the death of MJ....but E.Lynn has such a special significance to so many of us in the LGBT community...he was the first gay book that many of us read...for me, he got me interested in exploring all that there is (blogs, other authors, etc) and I love everything that he was and more of what he leaves behind! R.I.P. Brother


This really is the summer of the death. :-(

alicia banks

was this just sudden cardiac arrest?

what "illness/setback"?


DW Jazzlover

I met Mr.E.Lynn Harris years ago at an after hours dance club in Houston. He was a very nice person and I have read everyone of his books.
He will be missed... R.I.P Brother Man


Wow I was just informed by a friend of this. Then I had to confirm it with another. This is such a bad summer but we shall not forget the impact that E Lynn Harris had on the world.

Roger Pollard

This is truly a tragic loss for us all.


Like others, "wow" is the first thing to come to mind. I met E. Lynn way back b4 his first novel ... infectious laugh ... piece of work (in a good way)He deserves much praise for bringing our stories to the mainstream.

J. F0x

awwww i'm saddened by this!


He will definitely be missed! I have all his books and was always riveted and drawn in by his writing! I've had the pleasure of meeting him and we had a few mutual friends in common and he was very genuine and down to earth@ Rest in peace E.Lynn.

Jamar Herrod

IM STILL in disbelief. E. Lynn Harris first novel "Invisible Life" is my favorite book of all-time. Just As I Am is my second favor. I met him at the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta at the end of January. I have the picture we took together on my website. I was last person to leave after everyone had their book signed. I wanted to let him know how much he meant to me and how much his literature impacted my life. I didn't say what I wanted but I did say enough to let him know and understand that I related to his characters. R.I.P. E.Lynn Harris. Our brother shall truly be missed and shall not be forgotten.


I cannot believe this! This cannot be happening!

I met ELH twice while he was on tour and I was so impressed with him. He was so kind to his fans and he loved to talk football (although we are fans of different teams, he was courteous!). His novels had a huge impact on me-- I remember reading "Invisible Life" and "Just as I Am" as a college freshmen, and it was so powerful to see such a humane, mature treatment of educated black SGL men. It was so affirming. To this day, he is the only author whose books I buy the day they come out.

It's so funny, just this week I have been re-reading "And This Too Shall Pass" (which is my favorite ELH novel). For some reason, I just had to read that book again. I am on page 209. I will never forget pull $25 out of my account, leaving me a $2 balance, just to get that book. If that is not somebody who has touched lives I don't know who is...

May God Bless him and his family and friends thorough this difficult time...

Ashley V. (London, England)

I was hoping that this would turn out to be some kind of joke, but it isn't. One of my favourite authors, E. Lynn Harris, has passed away. I am devastated & shocked to know that we have lost one of the greatest.

The first black gay fictional novel I read was written by E. Lynn and I have been hooked on his writing ever since.

E. Lynn's family and friends are in my thoughts & prayers.

R.I.P. E. Lynn Harris, you were a true pioneer & will always be remembered.

Lang B

He opened my eyes to a world I thought only existed in my head. His book transformed my life and made me more secure in my sexuality.
God Bless rest his SOUL.

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