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24 July 2009





Just as I was getting over the passing of MJ, now this news. This hurts to lose a teller of our stories, a frat brother and a genuinely nice guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a book signing when Invisible Life was out.


His books let me know that I was not alone in this world. His stories cleansed me of my own self-hatred and made me feel comfortable within myself.

I am extremely saddened tonight, but so thankful to the Almighty for blessing us with the life of E. Lynn Harris. I know that Harris is watching over all of us whom he has left behind.

I am hurt that I never made it to a book signing and never got to thank him personally...but if it's the Lord's Will to let me enter Heaven, I'll look forward to having that conversation with Harris someday.

E. Lynn - We love You! Rest in Peace.


Unlike most, I knew E. Lynn personally. He was a kind-hearted man with so much love to give. He truly cared about human rights. He would do anything for anybody. He was a pioneer for so many people who needed answers. The world is cruel, and this man stood up and said to his people, "it's okay." He loved life, he loved writing, and he also inspired me to begin writing. It is my hope that his writings will continue to help those who reached out to him. GOD bless E. Lynn. He was my friend. --Dennis Hopson NJ

Honut SInti

I am just so heartbroken by the news of E. Lynn's death. My best friend of many years who passed away in 2007 clued me to E. Lynn and I bought everyone one of his books and enjoyed reading all of them.

I understand from another news source that E. Lynn was diabetic and suffered cardiac arrest.

RIP E. Lynn. You will definitely be missed. My sympathies to his family and friends.

Summer 2009 is getting a little hard to take.


A class act until the very end....

Honut SInti

And let us not forget E. Lynn's absolutely radiant smile! As my dear friend used to say, "Man, his smile can light up the darkest room and lift everyone's spirit!"


@William, I can truly relate!


In today's (Sunday, 26th July, 2009) episode of This Week with George Stephanopoulos, three (3)individuals were specifically referred to in the In Memoriam segment. Of these three (3), only E. Lynn Harriss was not identified by name, impact or influence; he was aslo the only African-American in the group.


He was a best selling author. Yet, he was never featured on Oprah. However, the Oprah show allowed that clown J.l King to be on the show spreading lies and all kind of craziness. E. Lynn was writing about the so called D.L phenom long before that buffoon J.L came on the scene.

Lena Wingfield

I stopped in my tracks while listening to NPR on Sunday morning. They talked about their last interview with E Lynn Harris as though no more were to ever follow. I had to make myself take a deep breath and listen to the news that he had died on Thursday. Immediately, I Googled for confirmation. My deepest, heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. I give thanks for his courage and presence on earth.

Mikey- He Likes It

I remember giving Invisible Life to a bisexual friend for Christmas one year. He later called me and said it was one of the best gifts he'd ever received and thanked me for giving him the book he always was searching for. E Lynn's work had such a huge impact on so many black gay/bi men trying to figure themselves out. This is a tragic loss and I am deeply saddened. Another icon gone too soon but certainly not forgotten.

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