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16 July 2009


Bourbon Street

WOW. Rod, I loved "Three Sides to Every Story." My family is from New Orleans and the characters came alive to me. And yes, I could see the sass and the lil ole Southern queen James ... that was me years ago. Or maybe still am, lol.

I love these stories about black gay men, homophobia and religion. It's part of our social fabric. We have to learn how to deal with it.

Thank you for the great review and interview.

Franklyn S

exactly what i need, some good beach reading for the vacay. but i've already ordered it, lol.

congratulations mr. nero!



I really love the support to bring to the table of authors (myself included) and I just ordered Nero's new work, even though I'm working on my own!

WE HAVE SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Thanks for shining the light, using your amazing format.

Blessed of luck, Clarence! I hope its doubles the sales of the last ones! Much love!


I really enjoyed that excerpt. A lot of my friends speak like Miss Thing, and I do also "on occasion". Lol. When someone steps to your man you really need to think before you act, and Miss Thing seems more like an act, then think kinda girl.

I do feel that black gay men are too infactuated with thug culture. It is too "you gotta be a thug if you want this". And the girls are putting on the costumes also and playing a version of thug to get some thug boys. This will evolve into whatever the next tend in clothing and culture will be, but until then, the idea that being unable to complete an coherent sentence is sexy escapes me. I'm surrounded by the thug culture, so I think of it as a interesting experiment to see or guess who is gay and who is not. I have gotten rather good at it. Thug culture and DL culture are intersections, and hard to seperate. Fem boys are ignored till the sun goes down, then whats done (or who's done) in the dark........well.

I would like to say I would never date a closeted man from a religious family, but love is a strong potion that few can turn from. I have dated closeted men before, but I don't recommend it.

I'm more spiritual than religious, so if the man was into his spirituality more so than the dogma of religion, I would most likely date him. If he was into dogma, and a dogma that told him to hate himself, then I would not.


i'm very impressed with clarence nero. i didn't read his first book, but picked up "Three Sides" after the review and interview here. what can i say? the characters came alive and i actually identify with some especialy James Santiago.

the homothug novels are become like formulas, too much slang and too many ballers and entertainment industry fantasies. this is much more belivable.

D. Askew

I'd love to get a copy of this new book. Johnny was my favorite character from before, so sexy, strong and giving. Will make a good husband, that type of man. I don't have one so might as well read about him lol


i loved the excerpt from the book! I had seen the ad for the book on the side of your blog and looked it up on Borders.com and planned on purchasing it. After reading the excerpt, I absolutely need to read this book!

I feel that the black gay community is heavily focused on the "thug" lifestyle and I find it odd that we would idolize a culture that hates us. It makes no sense. I spoke with some female friends of mine about something like this recently. I heard them talking about their men and how their men done them wrong and how their men ain't no good and blah blah blah. Then, one of the women's sons came up and they were saying things like, "Look at him. He so fine! You gonna play all the women, ain't you? You gonna get all they money ain't you?"

After the child left, I asked the women why they were turning their child into the man that they hate. They didn't understand what I was saying to them. I found it interesting.

Another thing that I noticed about the "fem" men was that they are not hurting for attention. Sadly, the attention that they are getting is from "straight" men who can't deal with a "thug". These men feel that they can maintain their masculinity if they are the "butcher" of the two and as long as no one knows about their proclivities.

Lastly, I don't know if I could see myself dating a closeted men from a religious family. I think that I fought too much, too long and too hard to be comfortable with myself to date someone who would require that I be closeted. Though I am not "clockable", I do not go out of my way to hide who I am. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

I come from a religious family and I tend to those values that I learned growing up. So, the religious asspect doesn't bother me. There are family members who take issue with my life and the way that I live it, but I let it remain their problem. It is not my responsibility to make them comfortable with me.


I love when our blessed and positive black brothers get their shine.

I ordered the book last week from the ad in sidebar. It just arrived today and I am hooked already. Clarence Nero is smart, intelligent and a very good writer. He is also handsome! And omg he credited and thanked Rod 2.0. Werk!

Thank you for this book, Mr. Nero. I will read it and hope to be finished by the weekend. And thank you Rod, we love your voice and when will you have a novel?

Mocha Delight

The thing is, yes I would date a thug. Our culture, gay, is obsessed with thugs because they are straight and everyone wants to have what they can't get. I also found that the sample chapter didn't quite delve into the complexities of the homothug obsession. Then again, it can get into that later!


Thanks for shedding light on this talented author. I must say before reading the interview I had never heard of him, but this has really peaked my interest, and I would love a chance to get a copy of the book.

I must agree that black gay men as a whole esp. in the south are too caught up in the "I want a thug" mentality. When you could be missing out on something life-changing in a not so thuggish package. Personally I don't want a "thug" and am attracted to a man with a little femininity. Yet, I could not date a closeted religious type. Being close friends with one, and listening to his on-going mentally and physical battle with himself/love I would not put my self in the line of fire for sure heartbreak.



I read Mr Nero's first book. He can write and the characters seem very real. I think we are more into thug culture because of our own ideas about masculinity. I have dated a closeted man from a religious family and it was hard.I was wondering how I would qualify for the giveaway of his second book

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