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16 July 2009



That is the most "How you doin'" face I have ever seen. Pass.




Soulja Boy is no stranger to using props to imply bulge. But he's a cutie and makes catchy pop music. He could be doing worse. Keep on twittering away thug from the suburbs lol


His penis size is average for most skinny Black dudes. Many of us work with a lot. I forget the scientific explanation for it, but it is a fact.

Anyhow, he has a nice waist.


Good lawd.
I'm speechless.

Derrick from Philly

"His penis size is average for most skinny Black dudes. Many of us work with a lot. I forget the scientific explanation for it, but it is a fact."

All right, Mister Man. It's a fact!

CHAZ, I'll remember that fact till the day I die...with my chubby, short, yella' self. (LOL) It's a fact!


lol @ "crank this"

i sho would love to try lol


Can't that boy afford better drawers than that?? He's an artist and still wears Fruit of the Looms? If he's going to show a bulge, at least wear something better like Andrew Christian.

And who's the appealing to? Gay fans? Those tween female fans? or those middle-age Baptist women who'll buy his CDs now because they have cougar fantasies about him?


I can believe it. There must be something in the food but these young 20 somethings pack serious. They don't know what to do with it but they have it. I'm only 27 but I used to talk to a 21 year old that pulled out a cannon.

I'm serious. If you don't believe me, just chat with one and ask for a pic...and watch your jaw drop.


umm, ok... so NOT real.

Rod...check link for Soulja Boy on twitter. I think there is a typo.

Great catch, thanks! -RM

Andre H

yea, i'm looking for some D&G, Versace or even CK underwear, Dre!

aren't you a millionaire?


I had never heard of this kid until I watched the BET Awards last month hoping for a great Michael Jackson tribute.


Anyway, I saw this kid on that show and turned to my friends asking, "Who is this young homo?"


Rod, you are a fool!


I can't...I can't (ala Wendy Williams).

JUST HILARIOUS! I love these boys taking it to the net to respond with no drawz on!


Right because the fact that he has money. Means he has to spend money on expensive underwear... That makes SOOOO much sense. At the end of the day they just drawers anyway.

I bet ya'll mad he use generic toilet paper too.

"OMG Soulja Boi why you don't use gucci toilet paper, or atleast christian dior"

Andre H


no, he can wear what he wants, but he's putting it out there and I just expected better quality underwear.

TP is TP. But not all underwear made the same.


sorry. he needs a few sandwiches..


he looks like 15...plus his 'music' hurts my ears. A big schlong does not change these observations...NEXT

its funny how twitter and the other social network sites are now themain sources for publicity.

Rod Mc

[Rod, you are a fool! "I took no pleasure from categorizing SouljaBoy as "music."]

I barely wanted to categorize Soulja Boy as "MEN" lol

Glad you all enjoy it. -RM

Kmark/Anti Believer/Fisholic etc.



But the idea that it has to be fake isn't necessarily true. All of the additives that we see making our 13 year old girls look 23 in the breast and hips area IS having the same effect with our young boys, who are often greatly endowed and -proportionated because of the same additives! It's crazy but they are walking around with 3 legs while the girls have breasts that their Mommas didn't have! It's crazy!

I find the INTERNET and this I'LL SHOW YOU mentality SO funny/strange. With no one around to provide a conscious, so many people lose theirs.


I’m actually more inclined to think he actually may be straight. No self respecting same gender loving (or sleeping with) man would be caught dead in those tired 3 to a pack draws..They don’t have to be by a major designer..But Fruit of the Looms?? What is he 10?..He’s gotta be straight..LOL..


Not only the underwear from Target... What about the classy detail of the tissue paper right there?

For the ladies only, eh?


Rod, I sincerely apologize for my comments about "time outs" the other day. I had no idea you had situations like this, ppl coming back breaking rules over and over under different names or after being banned or asked to time out. Too bad some folks refuse to empower themselves in real life but feel empowered behind an anoymous keyboard.


((What about the classy detail of the tissue paper right there?))

You weren't the only one who noticed the designer toilet paper. Cute. Plus a flat screen tv, I'm jealous, grll lol


First of all about Soulja Boy: I don't like his music, but he didn't make his music for me. I prefer singers over rappers any day of the week. And he has pretty much been a one-hit wonder (although it was a very, very big hit.) With that being said, I do admire his tenacity in becoming a recording artist. Before his first single took off like wildfire, he was selling his music on his own through the internet. That demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit that I wished more young black folks would demonstrate. So I give him props for that. I certainly hope that he's investing his money wisely and not spending it all. If his career track doesn't rebound, he won't have a huge cash flow coming in. I don't want to read about him being foreclosed or the IRS trying to collect unpaid taxes.

Although it's believable that he is well-endowed, there is something odd about how it's hanging in his underwear. If you notice where the bulge begins, it looks as though the base of his endowment would be off-centered. Has anyone ever seen a penis begin to the left or right of where it's supposed to be? Just curious.

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