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13 July 2009


Derrick from Philly

Aw, shucks, honey. Chocolate at its best...well, tasty, anyway.


So he has his own reality show coming this fall huh???

Now I (as many of you out there) understand the timing of all of this. No doubt "honeybunch" figured "she" was due something more than just being Terrell's bed decoration and couldn't handle the "reality" of just what his "role" was/no longer was.

I had a feeling there was more to this other than b/s unsubstantiated reports about sex acts and health reports. They all read like a scorned piece of trade.

Hey, you go Terrell. Keep your mouth shut and those $500k plus checks coming in.



Wrong Terrell...This is Terrell OWENS, the football player, not Terrell CARTER, the outed singer/actor!

As for TO...wow...amazing photo. He's really upping the anty and trying to bring us in and it seems like he knows that the gays will be looking! I don't doubt that he'll step out of the shower in the first 2 episodes!

David Cassidy

Ugh Gurlene. I hate heifers like you. Always running off at the mouth talking shat, and don't know what you talking about. That is Terrell Owens in the pic. T. Carter is not THIS fine. STFU.

Derrick from Philly

Maybe I just haven't sobered up yet this morning, BUT I am amazed at how beautiful T.O. is in that photograph. That WAISTLINE! I didn't like him when he was here with the Eagles, and ofcourse, I hated him in Dallas. But he is beautiful! Oh, well.

Do y'all know that there are photographs like that of the great Paul Robeson. They were taken by gay writer/personality (and lover of black culture) Carl Van Vechten). Robeson was beautiful too...with or without clothes. I hope they can get Reggie Bush to pose like that--without that Armenian gal at his side.


The waist and the skin color/complexion are beyond words! Divine!


Thanks Rod for this hefty piece of chocolate. I have always found Terrell Owens sexy. This beautiful picture comes on the heels of the Mechad Brooks sex scene in Sunday's episode of True Blood. They showed extended shots of his beautiful, smooth, shapely, and flawless behind grinding away. And he has a long and strong back. All I had to say was DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!




Thank you all and enjoy the laugh. I jumped in with both feet on this one.

Keep the "fan" mail coming. I DESERVE THIS ONE.


Yes yes yes!
This man is PHINE and I love the teeny tiny waistline and those big muscles.

((fanning self}}


Decent, as long as he doesn't talk.


words fail me, all I can do is drool.


I would hurt myself to get to him.



this is his teammate isaiah stanback. hes not slouch either. i'd rather see him naked. at least you know hes 'packin' a punch! lol


Well, he has a beautiful body from the neck down. The face not so much and the ugly personality negates the body. Next!

Honut SInti

Now I know I turned off the sound on my computer, but I declare every time I scroll past TO's picture, I hear hypnotic African drumbeats. Oh my, I'm getting faint headed and damp. Uh, Ollie Mae honey, can you turn up the air conditioner? ;)


he is phyne, phyne, phyne. he can have the key to my city anyday!



I am officially impressed with this show. If the trailer is half of the strong content of the show, then this is actually going to be a must-watch-tv moment!

I really don't like the name, but the show is wow in potential and direction!!!


His butta face does nothing for me but his body is amazing and damn how did he mess things up with that gorgeous fiance. Of course like the line in Perfect Stranger says..."Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who is tired of f*cking her" Same goes for hot gay guys. I think I'll have to check out this show. Love the fact that his two best friends are female.


Terrell is one of those un-gay flamboyant straight men. This show will be a good KI.


Derrick said: I didn't like him when he was here with the Eagles...

Derrick, you are always too late. You could have HAD him!


T.O. IS hot! Most definitely. I was fortunate to catch and record for my entertainment his appearance in November last year on Fox and Friends where he displayed more of himself (showing off for Alisyn Camerota) in the NewsCorp gym. She touched him a total of 9 times. I would have doubled that, probably! I already have the August Essence on my shopping list! BTW Congrats to Rod on the ongoing success of Rod 2.0 Beta. It just goes to show you that determination and faith in yourself can work miracles. KUDOs Rod. (SMILE)


Thanks Rod for the updates, and yeah, if the show is as great as the trailer, I WILL be watching! Only thing: he MUST show as much of that body of his during all the episodes! 'Nuff said...


Gotta feelin A-Rod is jealous!!!

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