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03 July 2009


Former COGIC

>>>Can rich, white, male corporate "reporters" "objectively" cover the nation's health and economic woes, Howie?<<<


Did they cover George Bush OBJECTIVELY? Hell to the no!

Andy Niable

Yes, Howie, I'm sure gays can't objectively report on gays, women can't objectively report on women, people of color can't objectively report on people of color... so I guess that just leaves privileged white males to "objectively report" on everyone--how lucky for you, Howie!


This man is a tool and has been for years. This gets to one of the most prevailing cultural biases in American society, that only white people and white men in particular are capable of objective thinking. Every other group is simply ruled by emotion and unable to make a clear eyed analysis of the facts. Yes, only white men can you give an 'eye of God' objective evaluation of any the world around us.

Former Cogic: I agree with your point wholeheartedly. We are in this mess in the Middle East almost exclusively because of the so-called 'Objective' policies of almost exclusively white men.

The worse part is that they're so blinded by their hubris and internal bias that they can't see when they're about to make a mistake and never learn from those mistakes. They believe that their every action is guided soley by an objective reading facts as opposed to emotions, rationalizations, jingoism or tribalism.

And, Rod, I'm glad you're picking up on the current pay for play scandal at the Post. That paper is a joke and the editorial page increasingly makes Wall Stree Journal's look erudite and enlightened.


Again evidence of how unsettling the Obamas can be to the norms of white supremacy...

Thanks Rod for deconstructing the alleged "objectivity" of rich white male journalists


@ Mjolinir202. You are exactly right about prevailing white male centrism (not all white men,just most). I have found that they see themselves as the exclusive holders of truth and objectivity. I work for an elitist, pompous white male and have observed that he eagerly decides what is or is not truth to the exclusion of feedback from others. Frequently, he revises history in our small company and even in the world at large. After working for him for 8 1/2 years, I have learned to let him and others believe what they want and re-create the world as they want. It easier that way. The day goes by faster. But, thanks to Rod for calling out the WashPost.

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