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16 July 2009


Anthony in Nashville

Not very surprising that the defendant would start threatening people. It would be keeping in his character.

I hope this is not off topic but I have to put it out there. I have written several articles about transgender issues in the local paper, and I think they definitely get the harshest treatment in the LGBT population.

But I had an experience over the weekend that left me confused. I was at a function and got into a conversation with a transgender woman. But when I told her I was gay she kicked me to the curb because she wanted a straight man.

Maybe I need some trans education. Do they consider themselves straight but assigned the wrong gender? If that is the case, are their issues really the same as gays and lesbians?

Rod feel free to edit or delete if you think it's inappropriate.

Rod Mc

No, your comments are fine and I'm glad you spoke up.

I try my best to cover trans issues here. There is some disagreement on our issues. My impression is that there is a very wide spectrum off sexuality and many trans feel they were assigned the wrong biological gender.

Trans women, esp black and Latina, do receive the harshest treatment in our community.

Derrick from Philly

"Do they consider themselves straight but assigned the wrong gender?"

Some do, Anthony, but some do not. I imagine that most transwoman are sexually attracted to straight men, but some never loose their attraction to gay men. And some post-op transsexual women leave the gay world (if they were ever in it)--while others continue to hang with their gay friends. Also, remember, some transwomen become Lesbians once they've had re-assignment surgery. Even more interesting is that not every transperson is transsexual. Some still call themselves "gay". Some are offended by the old term "drag queen"-- others are not.

"But when I told her I was gay she kicked me to the curb because she wanted a straight man"

Well, if she abuptly ended your conversation just because she realized you weren't straight, then Miss Thaing just happened to be an ignorant bitc...I mean, ignorant trans lady.

But there are other ROD 2.0 folks who are much better able to answer your question. My trans days ended with the end of the Disco beat. I'm just regula' now.

Derrick from Philly

"But there are other ROD 2.0 folks who are much better able to answer your question"

Oh, I am referring here to BALTIMORE FEMME and DIVA'61, who would really understand the answers to your questions.


Derrick, you answered his question thoroughly. I don't think there is much to add. FQs are an interesting bunch. People should always remember that for a large majority of transwomen and transmen, sexual orientation is totally separate from gender identity. A guy could feel c_nt and transition into a woman, and only date gay men. I also know of transwomen who have not had their penises removed and substitute their organs for strap-ons with their lesbian partners. And yes, Derrick, many a girl will tell you she is a man, regardless of the sil, the hormones, etc. On the other hand, many a girl will beat you down for referring to them with any male pronoun or masculine term.

I hope Delee is hung by his balls. What he did to that girl and her brother was DESPICABLE, and all because she was other. I hate the way people treat transgender women.

Anthony in Nashville

@ Rod: I have seen how explosive and contentious trans issues can be on blogs, that's why I asked. Hopefully the discussion remains civil.

@ Derrick: Thanks for replying. Your answer makes it seem like there is no standard affiliation/defintion for transgendered people. I didn't know 'drag queen' was considered passe or offensive.

Jamar Herrod

Such a shame that the witnesses are being threatened by the family. I'm assuming they may feel that Green had her death coming such a shame. I do contend with you Rod that Transgender individuals are one of the most misunderstood bunch of the LGBT community. I hope this bill passes. At least it will be a step towards some sort of progress.

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