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14 August 2009



Good as they should. I just saw the list of cutbacks here in San Diego and its staggering and people will die from all these cuts. But, at the same time, this state is going down the tubes fast due to his and the Dem's mismangement, and, I just don't know where they could cut anything else, but, I'll be donating more money and my time to some of the local groups. I heard from a friend in Arizona and they are doing the same thing, amazing and sad in this day and age people can't get the health care they need to live, and, yet, we send billions all over the world and don't get me going on Iraq and Afghanistan. As one who saw what the disease did at the start, it would just be cruel to let people suffer like that again.


Good for them. If rich people like Arnold paid their fair share in taxes, the state could have raised APLA's budget.

Stephaun Clipper Wallace

Wow....talk about unequal distribution of wealth and resources....

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