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18 August 2009


Derrick from Philly

Oh, Lord, please help my President. These damn Republicans and Blue Dirty Democrats are making if rough for him to do anything progressive. Strike the conservative motha' fu_ka's down, Dear Lord in Heaven...please.

M. Mark

Game on! Good for them. The House Democrats are doing what their districts elected them to do. And I'm glad to see the Congressional Black Caucus is standing firm too.

Obama and Rahm Emnmanuel consistently throw their base under the base and assume the Democrats and progressives will fall in line. Guess what: the progressive Dems don't have to vote for the bill. Especially if it doesn't have a public option!

M. Mark

Oh and Rod thanks so much for staying on this. You said in the primaries this would be a huge issue and made one or two predictions that have come true. let's hope for best!


I am so pleased that the progressive members of the house are standing up and fighting. The white house tends to bow to pressure, but now they are forcing the white house (and democrats in general) to fight for true reform and not let republicans hijack this thing.

I hope that this is a push in the right direction. Without a public option there is no reform. And we need reform.


I saw Maxine Waters on CNN talk about this yesterday. She said the progressive Democrats favored a single payer plan and they compromised on that. But on Public Option they are standing their ground and I agree with her 100%. Let the Dirty Dogs and the Repubs compromise. Why does the left always have to give up something?

I love my president, but Obama and 'em need to get a backbone and not cave in to the fear mongers.


It's about time the liberal/progressive wing of the Dems stand up and show some fire. They have been far too silent during this fight.


obama's backpedaling from his backpedal. it's up to us now. call your senator. (google if you don't know), and fight for a strong public option. and then there's whitehouse.gov. THIS isn't over.

FDR would explain difficult changes to the american public with his "fireside chats," and i think obama needs to preempt three hours of primetime television and get on stage with a powerpoint presentation, animation, sick children and documentary footage and explain away the lies and SELL SELL SELL why this is necessary.


the problem is people dont understand anything about this health care bill.

i'm guessing there is a significant % of people who think change is needed in the health care system but they dont understand what solutions are being presented to them.

These same people are now scared by Republicans (who just want Obama to fail even if it means America goes in the crapper) and health care lobbyists (whose greed has them blind to progress). And scared people will be very resistant to change.

Obama and the Dems need to step back and make clear exactly what is good about this health care bill and assuage peoples fears. Put up a website explaining things. Put up a FAQ with some of the questions that came up during the town hall meetings.

Otherwise this will just end up with a lot of confused and pissy uninformed people who think bad things are raining down from Washington


Frankly, at this stage of the game, I don't care anymore if there are people who don't understand health care reform and the public option. The people who don't understand are ignorant and naive. As Bill Maher recently said, "The next thing will be a health reform bill with pop-up pictures." Recent polls show that those who believe the lies are overwhelmingly Republican and Fox News viewers. It seems to go hand-in-hand. It's time the President tell the Blue Balls that if they don't support reform with a public option, then they will not receive any support from the White House or the DNC. I would rather lose the Senate rather than deal with these Republican wannabees.


By the way, I hope people get a chance to watch today's episode of Rachel Maddow. She broke it down wonderfully.

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