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20 August 2009


Sean Beasley

Just because they are Democrats does not mean they will be progressive.

It also doesn't mean they will support Democratic ideals!


I thought one of the main issues for this health care plan was bringing medical insurance to the uninsured. That's what most of the talk about was at the beginning, till it verred off course and became this circus about nothing but vulgarity.


Rod asks: “Does the White House need a ‘strategy’ to convince Democrats to support health care "reform" that covers the uninsured?”

Yes, it’s called campaign reform. Until all campaigns are publicly funded in their entirety, until all outside campaign contributions to politicians are made strictly illegal, and until laws are passed to outlaw the giving of all corporate-funded “rewards” to Congressmen after their governmental terms are over, then men such as this, whose services have simply been purchased by the highest bidder, will rule our lives.


Not surprised. "Blue Dogs" Democrats are the reason why I don't care for the DNC at all. They know they could easily throw those 30 under the bus and keep it moving, but choose to include their useless asses in the "Convention". Mike Ross is too busy trying to make himself look like he is on the asinine's side and doing the right thing FOR THEM. "Blue Dogs" are what I call modern-day "sideline Dixiecrats" that during the Civil Rights Movement wouldn't do anything other than cosign on the segregationists' foolishness publicly when forced to.


Democrats are looking more and more like their 1960s selves, when they couldn't agree on anything and split the party. If Dems had the guts they could go it alone on health care and get true reform. Reform means coverage for everyone (which is the first thing you need to control costs). Reform also means better/more competition (certainly the only way to bring premiums down and contain costs in the long run).

Nobody said this would be easy, but it is worth fighting for.


Jim, you summed it up best, until these people stop taking millions from those who oppose good health care for all citzens, its doomed, no matter who the POTUS is.


I will agree with Jim and it is time that campaign reform gets signed in. The problem is just way too many politicains depend on corporate dollars to bankroll them. But a public option should not be on the drawing board. This was once one of Obama's primary keys in health care reform on the campaign trail. Looks like Mr Yes we can might be turning into Mr. Better be careful.

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