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15 August 2009



But these people elected him. Would they have elected a liberal or progressive candidate in that district? Probably not. This, again, is the problem I have mentioned before. The Dems expanded their numbers in Congress by running candidates who weren't true Democrats but were competitive in more conservative districts. You lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas. People keep saying that these folks should be voted out. The problem with that is a Republican will get elected instead. Either you will get a Dem who will stab you in the back, or you get a Repub who will slit your throat. Neither one is a good choice.

Chris Cruz

((Shuler's opposition came on the same day residents in his largely rural district held another meeting where they spoke out against the lack of access to health care and prohibitive costs. One college student said she couldn't afford the $100 per month in premiums and "didn't know anyone in Asheville who had health insurance."))

Ravenback you are right. Shuler is another Blue Dog "Democrat" and a creation of Pelosi and Rahm Emmanuel to increase Dems in the House. Many of them do not have core Democratic values.

The paragraph above illustrates the problem. This is a largely rural district, probably fairly poor and the residents surely have poor access to hospitals and insurance is expensive. Health care reform would help these people but the debate has been framed against it. Who better wants access to hospitals and health insurance than rural folk and people in the inner city?

Chris Cruz

((the congressmen who gets free and subsidized health care from the government explained ... he is against free and subsidized health care for his constituents))

Oh and Rod, you know you have a way with words lol


@ Chris Cruz

You are right about the rural districts. They should be more interested in health care access and other issues of the poor. But these same rural districts tend to be more conservative. They often reject gay rights, affirmative action, and often confuse policies that assist the poor with policies designed to help blacks. It's that age-old problem of voting against your own interests.


Your last paragraph sums up both the Blue Dog's and 99% of the GOP, stop cashing the big checks and you might see things different. And, why don't the so called Blue Dog's just run as Republicans since that's what they are, its not as if they won't win in a district like his anyway.

Rod Mc

@Chris Cruz: Exactly.

@ Ravenback: You made this point yesterday in the Rasmussen Poll and you're absolutely right. Pelosi, Emmanuel and the Democrats fielded conservative candidates in red and purple districts. The people get what they pay for. For the record, tho, access to health care is even more acute in rural areas. You would think these people would want HCR. Unfortunately, as you and Chris indicated, they often vote against their own interests. -RM

D. Askew

Blue Dogs could care less about health care reform. And sadly i don't think it will happen because of that, at least meaningful reform. It's bad enough that single payer was taken off the table but if there is no public option it's just health insurance "reform."


I'm just SMH,

This is SO SAD....I have never seen so many SO CALLED BLUE DOGS...These folks are nothing but DIXIECRATS call it like you see it.

This party for the most I feel does NOT support our President. There is so much of pullback from these folks and I not dare mention the ANGRY WHITE FOLKS at these town halls.

Did you guys see the one in Montana when the Pres took a question from a Man who started off by saying "I'm a card carrying NRA Member"...OKAY AND WHO ASKED YOU??????? I thought this was about Healthcare???

Why are these folks opposed to helping UNINSURED AMERICANS get proper coverage saying it will cost too much. But they don't have a problem with spending 10 BILLION a month for a WAR IN IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN?????

OH GOD help me...
I think I'm about to faint!
As Fred Sanford says

Matt Utterback

We need to replace Heath Shuler. Go to replaceheathshuler.org

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