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24 August 2009


Doug E

Those men and women did the dayumn thang! All of 'em from all of the teams. I am loving it!


this competition was fantastic! i couldn't watched it live but tivo'd and saw it overnight. all the american team, men and women .. are just great. i was so happy for sanya and kerron.

and thanks for this great track coverage, rod. the only blog that showcased all the black athletes at berlin.


Few things in track & field irritate me more than lousy baton work...(Obligatory salacious comment: After all, these guys should certainly know how to 'stick it' by now!:)

I'm glad the US team got it together this time. Bravo


Great job well done by a bunch of hawt men



I totally agree with you about the baton work with the men but what about the ladies?


The games were great, and several American athletes displayed a level of teamsmanship and international solidarity I hadn't seen before. Leaving out the field events, the medal standing between the US and Jamaica in the track events where the rivalry was focused was almost equal: 6 gold to Jamaica's 7; 5 silver to Jamaica's 4; and 6 bronze to Jamaica's 2, the Jamaican strength clearly in the sprints.

Who would you vote for as sexiest male athlete, though? I pick Ghanaian-Canadian Sam Effah. Surprised he didn't catch your eye, Rod.

Effah did catch my eye. Unfortunately, the few images of him that were available were not the best quality. I will look again. Drop me a reminder, too. -RM


I LOVE Angelo Taylor.I'd come all the way to the U.S to get whats mine.I stay waiting infront of the tv just to see him run. *sigh*



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