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25 August 2009



Rod, these photos are just brilliant. I need to book a trip to Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, South Africa ... everywhere! Thanks a million.


ok. i can't breath. he's just thick, phoine, and heavy..


@ freeleo

yes! the height and the thickness is just ... oooh. daddeeeee! lol

i love this mr, cuban silver medalist, more please!


I could do a lot to him in that upside down position...

Those thick thighs and hips say he's working with some ample booty.


Oh, gee, thanks a lot Rod! YOu couldn't just let me go on thinking that no one else noticed this phoin specimen but me and I'd have him all to myself!!! now I have to fight off all the rest of my fam on here.


Thanks Rod for staying ...uh...'on top of things' in Berlin!:)


...and I almost forgot: Lift the Ban on travel to CUBA!!



apres moi

viva los cubanos caliente!!! Notice how the Cubans, Jamaicans, and Trinis are the only island nations dominating that event. I wonder what happened to the Dominicans, Haitians, and Bajans.

apres moi

i'm actually wrong on that. US, Jamaica, and Kenya have the most medals so far.


@apres moi, it probably has something to do with athletic funding in those countries. Those countries you mentioned are pretty poor.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with a lack of talent, which brings me back to another debate. When I look at most track & field events, I don't see Cubans, Jamaicans, or people from Trinidad & Tobago. I see the descendants of Africans. Take off any markers that identify the country they represent and don't listen to the accents and all you see are the children of Africa.

It bothers me so much when we get into those turf wars over which group of black people is superior. It's such a gang mentality. We should strive to be better then that. We are the sons and daughters of Africa.

Rod Mc

@ Apres Moi and Freeleo:

Freeleo is absolutely right. It is very expensive to train, house, feed and deploy athletes on the international level. Several readers (hey Chris and Jorge!) have emailed about the Dominicans. I'm going to post something tomorrow. The DR only sent a handful of athletes and hoped to medal in the 400m or 400 hurdles. It didn't happen for them this year.

Regarding Cuba: Also remember this is a communist state and their sports program receives a huge amount of funding, direction and prestige from the government. Same as China. -RM


Wow i know he got a nice ole booty LOL

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