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20 August 2009



WOW That is FOUL with a capitol F.

Why are they questioning who or what she is? Just because she is masculine looking? That is just effed up.


no offense but "she" is kinda manly

Q Dawg

...no offense but "she" is kinda manly...

And a gay man is saying this? No offense but you are probably kinda feminine. How would you feel if you were only 18 years old and the media all around the world were questioning your gender? It is a testament to her strength that she was able to win amid all this.


My heart truly goes out to her. Everyone is not cut from the same cloth. I'm sure we have seen women of all shapes, sizes, and physiques. I think people need to learn to accept a loss and reapply themselves to do better the next time around. It just represents bad sportsmanship on the losers' part, and I do mean LOSERS. If she posted the 13th fastest time in history, are people saying the 12 posted times faster than her were made my men masquerading as women? This sounds like people judging others based on looks and preconceived notions of what a woman should look like. I hope everything works out for her and shame is brought on those who question her sexual identity.


the olympics is going to have to get up to speed on this once and for all. there are just too many intersex people in the world. yesterday, i found out there are more intersex people in the USA than there are jews. people are not M&M's; they don't just come in plain and peanuts, and it's about time we wrap ourselves around that.

at least in american sports, some of this has been worked out. i remember when renee richards, the transgendered tennis player went to court and won the right to play in women's tennis and play as a woman, establishing a legal precedent.


She just has high levels of testosterone, as any woman who subjects herself to the rigorous amount of training one must in order to compete at the level will have. Get into how defined her body is; get into female bodybuilders and the fact that many of their faces develop masculine characteristics, and their breasts, a pec-like demeanor. Those are all effects of the hormone testosterone. She's no man. Some women have higher levels than others.

Some of the white women who were running with her were masculine also, yet there was no comment made about them. This is definitely racially motivated. The officials can't take this Black girl storming the girls on the 800M runway. LOL. Oh well.

CC from L'Afrique de Sud

Caster will exhibit the XX chromose (i hope) and then the ball(s) will be in her court.

i can relate to the poor soul, as stated in a prev post, i lost count of how many times ppl stop and ask me my gender when they can clearly see i'm wearing men's fashion and even sport a stubby beard on occasion.

she just a manly female like me with [quote]sharp features, so girly-like, and look like a girl[/quote]. period.


I wonder how many of you who commented are really track & field fans to know the complex details of this whole matter?!?

As a gay man and proud of it this persons own athletics authorities questioned them before they let them run as a female and said that it is a woman. The IAAF wants proof of gender and are now doing their own tests. It could be that this person is a hermaphrodite. But we should know that and so should the others in the race.

This person is unknown. Just came onto the scene in the last few months with maybe 1 or 2 races in 2008 and a few this year setting these fast times.

There is a youtube video of a post race interview done this week after they completed one of the 800M rounds. See it for yourself. Its either doping or a man.

The race outfit. Nothing wrong with it but its not what the average female sprinter wears in that they normally wear that brief like bottom. This person chooses the more masculine long bottoms (and thats ok as Marion Jones did that alot as well).

Listen to the voice and look at the light facial hair above the lip.


We can all make our own decisions and will hopefully know the truth soon.

CC from L'Afrique de Sud


what would be the outcome if she was born a hermaphrodite? would he/she still be penalised?


@ CC from L'Afrique de Sud...

That I don't know. They have not had to deal with that before.

There are a few others in history who were discovered after they retired from the sports of track & field who were hermaphrodite.

I don't know of any who were active and still running and known to be a hermaphrodite.

It will be an interesting outcome if that is the case.

I have seen a few more youtube interviews where she talked about just laying around for months and not running at all this year when asked what she was doing and how come she had not been on the scene before now. Then she jumps into action and produces progression of faster and faster times over the last few months in the 800M not seen since the doping era of the East Germans in the 1980s.

Another interesting article:





Poor Girl, she musta thought this might be the one place where she could be herself. I'll bet growing up she musta been teased a lot and finally found a sport where she could run against herself, beat her own time each time, and now this. Far be it from me to speak for her, but I would imagine whatever her gender, she must feel trapped.


So what ...I think that there is a time and place for everything. I dont think that its right that you allowed her to enter and compete and win and THEN you put it out there that she could be a MAN. That is not right!

I have been watching T&F and sports for many years and there have been many white and asian athletes that looked like men but no hullabaloo...

I feel so sorry for her and her family right now.

If she is proven female which I believe she will be then I would hope that public apologies would be forthcoming!


To be clear the IAAF had heard some stuff before the start of the championships. They asked South Africa for confirmation and were assured she was a female. They could not formally open an investigation until they had a formal complaint. That formal compliant only came this week.

Hence the action they have now taken. Reports indicate they have done some preliminary inquiries and were satisfied enough to allow Caster Semenya to run. But the testing will take a few weeks to confirm gender.


The gender tests will be definitive and conclusive. We'll have a Male or Female result in a few more weeks. This is not a political issue and there is no need to turn it into such. The authorities would be remiss not to run the tests.


I thought that there were physicals taken before these events? Really!


I watched the interview after the race. That's a man baby! Nobody is being racist (Fyi I am a black man) If not a man then a pre-op tranny! No hate- just real.


I noticed on TV today them only talking about what they will do if they find out she is a man. There was no mention as to what will be done if she IS A WOMAN! Come now big mouths put your money where your mouth is WHAT IS EVERYONE GOING TO DO if she is a WOMAN?


Donald,.... you r so right in everything you said. Its just not fair for the other females in the race if she is a dude ! Now remember guys this would not be the first time this has happen !


Well I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Look at those muscles and that 6 pack. Sexy..

Honut SInti

Where are her family--mother, father? Why should it be a mystery? No matter the outcome, this child can run! That is a gift she has that is undisputed based on the footage from the race.


Still disagree with the public way this is happening now. Even if there was a complaint why should they (the authorities as opposed just anybody) make it public. The fact remains that they allowed her to run. They should not address this publicly until they have proof that she is not a woman! Its unfair to her!

If she is prooved to be a woman which I am sure she is she will still be held up to ridicule by this debacle! UNFAIR!


Her Parents have spoken out and said this is their daughter. I think her physique is very similar to that of Marion Jones. Her face is very masculine, but I don't see an Adam's apple. Her voice is very deep, but so was Bea Arthur's. I think she could be a hermaphrodite, but I'm not certain. I do think that if it comes out that she is in fact a female, then she would deserve an apology of some form.

Bren in SA

Her birth certificate states she is female and she has been raised all these years as one. In Africa, gender issue is plain - if you are biologically a male, there is no way parents would raise you as a girl.
Suggestions on other forums that she might have had a sex-change are ludicrous. She is from a poor rural area in South Africa where that would not even be considered or even a known concept.
Even if she is found to be a hermaphrodite, I would then expect all successful female athletes to be tested for that too.

CC from L'Afrique de Sud


to me that spells confidence. her parents and gran confirmed she's a girl. And in Africa it takes a village to raise a child that's why her community can vouch that she is female indeed.

if the test reveal she's a man, i'd be very disappointed, our country does not need more flack after our x-president's views on HIV/AIDS, our current pres' 'shower' debacle and refusing to allow the Tibetan dude access on our shores... i opt to believe in my gut feeling that Caster is telling the truth.

i love what her gran said after the rumours emerged: IT IS GOD WHO MADE HER LOOK THAT WAY. I'll hold it dear to me for personal reasons ofcourse;)

this all boils down to western (sociey's) perception of what makes a woman, or a 'beautiful' woman for that matter,... skinny, blonde hair, blue eyes... well, it doesn't work that way over here. some of us may look 'awkward' but at least we are genuine. *hoping i won't have to eat my words later LOL*

Gee Gee

@Donald, I still think that your point is crazy!!! As well as most of the comments posted.

Just because their is speculation that she "might" be a man, does not give the authority of track to launch an investigation. And the comment about her not "wearing" the traditional women's track suit is crazy too. Marion Jones wore the same type of garb when she ran(even though she was a cheater).

It is clearly racially motivated, because if it was European athlete, it would have never happened. I remember when they started that same crap about Jackie Joyner Kersee.

They just can't take the fact that she is creaming the white girls. Because she is shattering records in record times.

If that is the case, investigate Usain Bolt, who was getting his butt kicked by Wallace Spearman and Tyson Gay a couple of years ago, and now breaking records. ITS CALLED TALENT!!

And if speculation is cause for a test, they need to start with the sprinter's in the 100, and 200 meter's. Most of them look like King Kong and Godzilla in track suits.......LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

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