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20 August 2009


Chitown Kev

Rod, that is so WRONG that you threw up that pic with that POLE between Mueller's outstretched legs that it's so RIGHT.

You have got to find more pictures of him and post them Rod, this is just a fine speciman of black manhood. Representing Germany, at that.

Just give me a fan, honey, and a wet washcloth 'cause it's hot up in heah!


OH MY! Talk about "fabulous images" check out that second photo - what a long pole!

Shane Moseley


That is a phine, phine brotha.

Black is beautiful, baby. Love the United Nations of hotness on R20.


Oh yes! I got to meet and hang with Norman last year at the Thorpe Cup in Manhattan, KS, Kansas State University! Not only is he beautiful he is funny and really a sweet and talented man! And looks great shirtless!


JC, I am totally jealous! Gawd, this man is phoine!!


yes this man is very fine. but how many black people are in Germany??? man it seems like they are all fine!

Honut SInti

Receptionist: Rod. Stevie Wonder on line 2.

Rod: Hello?

Stevie Wonder: Rod, this is Stevie. I am just too through with you! Running a picture of that track and field man with a pole in such a suggestive place. Tsk! Tsk! ;)

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