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20 August 2009




Now that is FINE. Those Cuban boyz are on MFing fiyah.


Jose S

¡mi dios! ¡si papi!

Baltimore Femme

I'll tell you what is really striking about this young man...his skin. Not a blemish or a pore on this beautiful gorgeous chocolate body.

And I am jealous lol

G'ahead papi, with yo' fine self


Leonel Suarez is a STAR and KNOWS IT. He is just smiling and cheesin for the cameras while he effortlessly runs, jumps and all that decathlete stuff. Just sexy.

Yes I like this chocolate Cuban piece of trade ....


thanks Rod...I like that u appreciate men of colour from everywhere!
at the worlds there are so many to pic from . Who was that French guy in the 200m? He was the truth!

Byron in PGC

@ Rod:

Let me cosign brotha Nahtans. Black is beautiful! Love all the international news, news from Africa and appreciation of all the beauty of the African Diaspora!

There are so many beauties at the worlds and while you are taking requests (smile) any Shawn Crawford and who was the black English hurdler?

Keep doing you!


Rod, I’ve started to wonder: How many crush objects do you have altogether?

Rod Mc

Thanks everyone for the great feedback and kind words.

Nahtans, you are probably referring to France's David Alerte. Will try to get to him tomorrow. The past two days have been hectic and couldn't get to the track meets. But I did okay last weekend right? ;)

Byron, will try to get to Shawn and William Sharman, the British hurdler.

Oh and Jim, they're all virtual crushes. Well, almost all lol.
Take care guys. -RM


Yes David Alerte the guy that false started and came last all the while looking gorgeous ( no mean feat). He is model phyne...ou la la!

Looking forward to it.

And I must thank you for getting these photos. with other news outlets its very hit or miss when it comes to featuring beautiful men in competition tights.


yes, Rod! It has been great watching the World's with you. Regardless of where in the world one lands, Black is beautiful. Black is strong. Black is sexy. Black is smart.


@ Rod:

Trey Hardee won GOLD in decathlon. Leonel Suarez won SILVER. WHY NO POST ON TREY HARDEE? Trey is very sexy. Is it because he is WHITE????

Lets be honest, the only time white men are on this blog is model CHAD WHITE! Otherwise they are Republicans or criminals. This is reverse racism! I am white and read this blog and love it but want more interracial content and photos. Thank you!

San Francisco Black and White men Together


So...when will the Administration lift the travel ban to Cuba? And how long after that before the first gay cruise leaves from South Beach for Havana? LOL



Trey Hardee ISN'T CUTE NOR is he packing that "thick, corn fed, white boy booty and BODY" that would pretty much be on PAR with most of the men rod has posted to his site..

get it together, girl...Trey isn't all that so deal.

CLEARLY, you've been lurking and posting under dozens of screennames to see what Rod and MOST of his audience likes...

you dont' like it...Tell Ms. Andrea Towle and her staff of "writers" to "write" a post about Trey and post up pics...

you'll be happy there...if not, then go somewhere else.

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