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05 August 2009



Well, congratulations to Charles Pugh. Hopefully, he'll be able to do some good things and provide a voice that needs to be heard.

King Drive

This is really great news.
Congratulations to Mr. Pugh and congratulations to Detroit!


We are so proud of CAP!!! This helps me to be proud to be a Detroiter again! I encourage everyone to read CAP's aka Charles' life story-you will be amazed! I can't you enough for posting this Rod-Ken!!


Detroit politics are a MESS! I will vote for him in the general election (yes I'm a Detroiter). Our former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was very much Anti-Gay and I couldn't stand his UGLY A**! I sure am glad he's gone. Charles is a very intelligent and eloquent man and I remember watching him on Fox 2 Detroit. I wish him ALL the best!

Chitown Kev

Congratulations to Pugh and my hometown of Detroit!


This is wonderful news! Although I don't live in Detroit, I sent a note and check to his campaign because I think Pugh is the real deal with the smarts and leadership to move his city forward. And yeah, the fact that he's family didn't hurt :). This man left the most thoughtful message on my phone. I was expecting maybe a thank you for your support form letter in the mail, but a personal call?!? I'm impressed.

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